2 Nights | 3 Days



Day 1
Day 1

Oliver’s Camp — Tarangire National Park

Deep in the remote heart of Tarangire lies an authentic safari camp featuring a world-class staff who have worked together for decades to perfect the ultimate African safari experience... Comfortable, classic, simple — the way safaris used to be. Oliver’s has the feel of an old—style hunting camp. In fact, the camp is only open during the prime season, when stunning levels of migratory herds cross the park in search of permanent water.  

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Today we fly to Kuro Airstrip in Tarangire

Upon arrival, you will be met by a local safari guide and get transferred to Oliver's camp located in a pristine southern corner of Tarangire National Park.

Then we’re off to Oliver's camp where our camp is exclusively located in the remote southern part of Tarangire, revealing an awesome panorama below.

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Check—in at Oliver's Camp

Oliver’s Camp, With only ten luxury guests' tents, it's an exceptionally personalized wildlife experience.

You may choose to stay at Little Oliver's, a 5—tent space of the camp offset approximately half a mile away from the main area. Experience personalized attention from the camp staff.

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In—depth Afternoon Game Viewing

Dotted with ancient baobab trees, the Tarangire River valley attracts abundant wildlife including elephants, lions, antelope, buffalo, and giraffe, as well as an array of vibrantly colored birds.

Witness in awe, the longest living trees, the majesty of an elephant only yards away and the supple strength of a lioness stalking her prey.

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Gather at the fireplace, everyone is holding a glass of cocktail or having sips of chilled sparkling wine or whisky.

We once again enjoying this moment while stunned by the beauty of the golden sunset that hovers in the wild African sky, signaling the end to yet another memorable day on safari.

Day 2
Day 2

Tarangire, Crafted Specifically For You

Your safari, your rule...
All of our safaris can easily be customized, giving you a chance to choose the activities that speak to you – according to your passion and taste.
Every day, our Safari Leader explains various activities and experiences and your local safari guide is ready to go... Then, the choice is yours. Such decisions!

Not to Be Missed

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Walking Safaris with a Local Naturalist.

Awake to the gentle cooing of the African Dove... a morning Bush Walk, promising a lot to see and discover in the African wilderness.

At Tarangire, you find a geologic landscape as diverse as the wildlife, with nine distinct vegetation zones ranging from savanna grassland to wooded thickets, and from deep gully vegetation to sparse rocky hilltops.

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An Unexpected Visitor at the Camp...

You'll witness an unforgettable spectacle of African wildlife — a teeming world of elephants, herds of wildebeest, and zebras to name a few, living in perfect balance in this self-contained environment.

We spend our days amidst this incredible untamed wilderness where zebra, elephants, cheetahs, warthog, and other hoofed animals roam.

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Extraordinary Night Game Drive

Oliver's Camp offers another way to discover rarely seen nocturnal wild creatures in Tarangire wilderness

For approximately 2 hours, we'll witness an unforgettable spectacle of wildlife in acacia trees.

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Extensive Game Viewing in our Custom Safari vehicle.

We are honored to take you behind the scenes and off the beaten path to show you Tarangire and the wildlife that is our passion.

Along the way, we'll enjoy plenty of interesting game viewing, marvel at the vast and unspoiled landscape illuminated by the African sun.

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Al Fresco Dining Experience...

And tonight, as we delight in another mouth-watering dinner at this extraordinary tented camp served under an African sky lit brightly with millions of stars, surrounded by savannah woodland.

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Day 3
Day 3

One Last Look at Tarangire National Park

After a sumptuous breakfast, enjoy an additional morning of splendid isolation before winging our way to the next destination.