We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

...your accommodations are hand-picked....we won't send you someplace we haven't checked out firsthand.


From a luxury lodge to a glamorous tented camp, a secluded villa, or a shimmering seaside resort, or a private island, we feature the best available properties, each carefully selected for amenities, service, authenticity, and proximity to the sights.

Having personally experienced almost all of the country's leading properties, however, there are some that we favor over others. However, how do you know that a luxury lodge is not only good but great..? Anonymous review websites swamp you with metrics, stars, ratings, and comments. They boast that a hotel is 5*, but the reviews – all too often – are unreliable, or anxiously contradictory. But we do not use ratings – and we do not rely on anybody else except ourselves when it comes to testing their quality. After all, it is up to our directors and safari specialists – people like Mark, Walter, Sarafina, Margreth, etc. – to sleep in the beds, try the spas, and taste the dishes [a quite thankless job, as you can imagine].

To meet our exacting standards and qualify for the Shrike Portfolio, properties must display several characteristics. In the first place, they must offer something special and unique to the eastern African experience, something that travelers could not encounter anywhere else in the world. In this regard, location is crucial, and only properties enjoying choice locations in Tanzania's most distinctive areas qualify for the list.

However, a good location means little if the property does not make the most of its setting through the services that it offers; here we look for a broad range of services led by highly qualified and knowledgeable staff. Inconspicuous personalized service and attention to detail are correspondingly vital to ensuring that exclusive African experience.

Finally, we look for style and comfort, favoring lodges, camps, and luxurious hotels without being opulent. We classify accommodations into four categories:-
● Safari Lodges Tented Camps Beach Resorts & Hotels Exclusive—use Properties [private islands, houses, and villas]

We've hand-picked the best lodges and tented camps in East Africa ...some are favored by VVIPs, and A—listers such as Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Charlize Theron, Will and his wife Jade Smith, or billionaires from the Buffetts to Saudi royalty...

Safari Lodges

Tented Camps

Beach Resorts & Hotels

Exclusive—use Properties