Afternoon Game Drive

Where Can be Done

Preferably in the Serengeti, Nyerere "Selous', Lake Manyara, and Tarangire National Parks.


This is part of a planned itinerary. Advanced reservations required.


2 hours of extended game viewing back to the camp/ lodge for sundowner and dinner.

A proper English Tea on the veranda is followed by an afternoon game drive. Coffee and cheese are served on the veranda overlooking the endless plains.

Explore the wilderness as day gives way to night

Enjoy a sundowner as the sun sinks

sunset, landscape, elephant-4209085.jpg

Witness the arrival of the night’s predators

In front of you, a river moves steadily along, speckled by light. A few hippos laze in the water, chortling, and splashing.

Witness the Serengeti going to Sleep....

Enjoy an extensive game drive before stopping for a sundowner, with a wide choice of drinks.

Lion-kills are often fought over by packs of hyenas, jackals, and other scavengers. Yet these life and death scenes are juxtaposed with the impossible beauties of the African sunset, as nature’s ever-changing palette streaks the sky with orange, red, and gold.


Say “cheers” at sunset… as the warmth of the African day gives way to the cool of the evening, we experience a rare peace and beauty and find ourselves as one with the land and its inhabitants.

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Only available as part of your planned itinerary and advanced reservation is highly recommended.

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