Mount Kilimanjaro Trek

Without a doubt, climbing Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s greatest adventures and challenges. As more people undertake the climb, we seek alternate routes with the most spectacular natural habitats, scenically beautiful, and least traveled landscapes, including the rarely climbed northern circuit. The day you begin your climb matters as much as the route. With this in mind, we offer extraordinary non-technical routes to the summit (Uhuru Peak—19,340’). You will experience Mount Kilimanjaro's challenge safely with Shrike - all the way to the summit.​
There are eight routes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro that are authorized by the National Park- these are Marangu, Machame, Western Breach, and Umbwe approaching the mountain from the North, the Lemosho, Shira, and Northern Circuit approaching from the West and Rongai approaching from the north. However, of these, we recommend the 3 routes with a good success rate, being the Machame, Lemosho, and Northern Circuit on a regular schedule. Other routes are available on request. This is our quick guide to choosing the best route for you to climb Kilimanjaro...
● For the best chance of success, good scenery and a reasonable budget check out the Machame route. ● For great scenery, a quieter start, and a more relaxed daily schedule, the 9-day Lemosho route is a great choice. ● If money is no problem and you have 11 days the Northern circuit is a sensational, beautiful route and very quiet.
As a local Kilimanjaro trek operator, we are able to personalize your trek in order to reflect your needs, preferences, and personal style—with a private professional mountain guide. We are not restricted by set Kilimanjaro trek routes that other foreign-based companies often have to abide by.

It’s very important to you that all our Kilimanjaro Treks are “all—inclusive” and you won’t be “nickel and dimed” for tips for your professional mountain guides, chef and porters, safety gear, drinks, and camping equipment; just relax and enjoy as we take you to the roof of Africa.




The Northern Circuit is Shrike's newest route on Kilimanjaro. We take 11 days to traverse the entire mountain, trekking over the untouched northern slopes. On this track, the views are nothing short of spectacular and unpopulated and rarely trekked. Because of the longer duration, you will acclimatize well, making your summit easier, and truly rewarding.



Machame route is one of the older and more popular routes on Kilimanjaro. We highly recommend this route to physically fit people with some hiking experience. Because of its popularity, Machame gets incredibly crowded especially during the high seasons. On this route, we start our summit climb at midnight depending on your preferences. 



The Lemosho route is preferred by most Shrike trekkers. It is a longer route, allowing trekkers to acclimatize more readily to the altitude. This extra time increases enjoyment, and your chances of summiting. Lemosho is also one of the more scenic routes up Kilimanjaro and does NOT require a midnight summit ascent. A daytime summit is much preferred, as climbers avoid the crowds at the summit. 


Heading photo

This day trip trek to Mt. Kilimanjaro has been crafted to serve travelers who want to get a taste of the Kilimanjaro but have limited time. You may start from Arusha city or Moshi as Mount Kilimanjaro National Park is accessible within a day.