Lock in with a 10% deposit and pay the rest in installments over time [up to 12 months], interest—free... Learn more

Lock in with a 10% deposit and pay the rest in installments over time [up to 12 months], interest—free... Learn more

Tanzania's Finest Custom Safari

100% Tailored to your passions and tastes

Nearly 100% Mt Kilimanjaro Summit Success

How do we achieve such outstanding results for your trek..?

Take A Deep Dive Into The Shrike DNA

"We Care, Personally, and Deeply.

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Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"

Discover The World of Shrike

The best safari and Kilimanjaro Trek Operator

"What Is The Secret That Makes Shrike Safaris The Best Safari and Kilimanjaro Trek Operator in Tanzania?

Asked Mr. Charbel H. Tagher President of Specified Technologies Inc. when he was talking to Mark regarding his family safari to Tanzania...

Heading photo

There is NO any hidden secret at all... it's the Shrike DNA — We Care, Personally and Deeply that makes us UNIQUE and the BEST in the industry.

Mr. Mark Madola—the founder of Shrike Safaris.

...everyone at Shrike at every level does everything with a custom approach and bravely go not one, not two, but many miles beyond to meet and exceed your adventure expectations. And, this begins from the very moment you enquire, continues throughout the design and booking process, all the way to the day we pick you up at your hotel or airport to the last day you say "goodbye" and well after you return from your adventure.

It's part of our DNA that we do not hesitate to get our hands dirty and immerse ourselves in the last details of every guest we host. Even the smallest part of your safari or Kilimanjaro trek can be an opportunity for us to do something a little bit better, or even a lot better. Creating exceptional experiences is at the core of everything we do.

Travel With Confidence With The Specialists In Tanzania's Finest Custom Safaris & Kilimanjaro Treks For Nearly 2 Decades.

Monthly Installments Payment

You offer 2 payment options:-1. Full payment 2. Lock in with a 10% deposit and pay the rest in installments over time [up to 12 months], interest—free... Read more

Lifetime Deposit Scheme™

We understand that in today’s constantly changing world, plans can change at any time. That’s why we have introduced a Lifetime Deposit Scheme™ offering hassle—free rescheduling.i.e 

We will keep the payment or deposit as a credit to reschedule all the services at no extra cost for you until you’re ready to decide when to do the same trip or another available trip anytime. There’s no rush. And if you can't do the trip anymore, you can pass it on to a friend or relatives.

Your Well—being is Our Priority

We continue to implement rigorous sanitation, cleaning procedures, and best practices to align with the guidelines developed by the government and World Health Organisation [WHO].

It's All About The "Care" Factor

​Each of the safaris and treks we craft has the ability to get you off the beaten path, explore behind the scenes, and enjoy authentic experiences that WE, locals know and come away from the safari feeling enriched. 
Everyone at SHRIKE is expected to think correctly whether a janitor is cleaning your safari vehicle or a safari guide searching for the BIG 5 or a mountain guide checking you for signs of altitude sickness; this makes up the Shrike DNA i.e We Care, Personally, and Deeply.

It's All About Our "Talented" People

Our talented people [fully immersed in creating value] are the "secret" and reason why Shrike is miles ahead of other local tour operators; there is NO comparison at any level. 
An ordinary tour operator will craft a honeymoon safari with an eye towards the cost of the honeymoon ingredients, but not Shrike. We can't skip the candlelit dinner or surprise sunset cocktails on the endless savannah plains. Our aim is to authentically offer you exclusive experiences that you will talk about for the rest of your life.

It's All About The Shrike "DNA"

Our attentive people inherit the Shrike DNA—shaping and making them the difference between an average safari… and a SHRIKE safari, an average Kilimanjaro trek... and a Shrike Kilimanjaro trek...an ordinary safari guide... and a Shrike—extraordinary safari guide... 
We always do things differently, and most importantly we are just being completely focused on the peerless quality of the experiences we offer that marks the genuine success of a safari and/ or Kilimanjaro trek with us.

Ways To Travel with Shrike.


Custom Safari

A tailor—made safari that 100% fulfills your every dream, interest, and need just like the tailor who fits your suit.


The Shrike's Specialty Safaris

Exclusive small—group safaris with an average of 6 travelers. You can choose any of our safaris and turn it into a fully Private safari for you.


Kilimanjaro Treks

Conquer Mt. Kilimanjaro at 5,895 meters—Africa's tallest mountain and the World's tallest free—standing


Private—Jet Expedition

Flying in the executive—class plane from one location to another while overnighting in Africa’s finest accommodations every evening. No luxury is overlooked...

We Consistently Turn Your Dream Adventure Into A—Life—Changing Experience.

By offering you an exclusive, and authentic African adventure that reflects your own style and personal interests iced with little unexpected surprises and exceptional extra touches along the way...

Listen To What Charbel and His Family Are Saying After Their Safari...

Listen To What Charbel and His Family Are Saying After Their Safari...

Shrike Safaris does everything with a custom approach, so they aren't throwing you into the tourist pit that is run by others [such as A&K, MICATO, etc.] Although custom approaches command a premium, it is well worth the increment in price because the experience you will get is far and away superior. You will be away from the hordes, you will see larger packs of animals, you will have 1—on—1 [or close to] handling, and you'll feel that they really care about you...

Charbel Tagher & His FamilyPresident, Specified Technologies Inc. New York, US


They sell off the shelf packages and focus on hosting a large number of travelers at a time without knowing that they are throwing you into the tourist pit... and find it difficult to meet nor exceed your dreams/ expectations; hundreds of thousands of travelers end up seeing the same crowded places and having the same safari experiences time and time again...

Others merely act as the safari booking agents and sub—contract the real operations to other safari companies to host their guests. Not Shrike Safaris... we own and maintain our own safari vehicles and trekking gear and employ talented safari guides year—round. We have complete control... an asset that sets us apart from others.

We Have Never Devised The Same Safari Twice. Never..!

100% Tailored For You

We build all our trips from the ground up – just like the tailor who fits your suit and the chef who prepares your meals – with thoughtfulness, care, and undivided attention to detail. Nothing is too little, and nothing is ever too much. And when we say we can do anything, we mean it: from the cooly classic [a family safari in Ngorongoro Crater] to the absolutely absurd [like dropping you in the middle of the Amazon with nothing but a GPS phone]. Every minute is always tailored exclusively for you

The Shrike Specialty Safaris

Our collection of unforgettable safari experiences, each proved to be exceptional in its style. However, they’re not fixed experiences set on a block of concrete. All of our safaris we offer include extensive options and activities in every location, allowing you to customize your experience to match your own unique interests. We believe that no two travelers and no two experiences are the same, even having close similarities between our travelers does not mean that the feelings are the same... 

Tell Us Your Ideal Adventure

We listen attentively to your own plans, style, and must—see. To keep it nice, and easy, you can either email or give us a call or simply fill out this form.

Receive A Bespoke Plan

We will be in touch with a tailor—made plan fitting your requirements and closely work with you on the customization of your itinerary.*No detail is overlooked...

Fine-tune & Confirm Your Choices

Once you are completely happy, we will confirm your itinerary... your adventure can begin! We make a dream trip that reflects your own style happen.

Ready to "Wow' You...

Throughout your safari or Kilimanjaro trek with us, we create experiences of awe and amazement that take your breath away, make you laugh until your sides ache, and even make you cry a little when it's time for you to say goodbye.
We are the leading light and superstars specifically in the Serengeti, on top of Mount Kilimanjaro, and at the floor of Ngorongoro Crater and we love to throw in little unanticipated surprises and special extra touches along the way. And, we always keep it a secret...

Beyond Your Expectations...

For nearly 2 decades, our experience has taught us that exceeding your expectations is necessary and unavoidable—provided that we at Shrike devote our sufficient time, energy, and focus to each safari or trek we organize.
We always go the extra mile to put you at the heart of the experience and make sure that your trip has a personal touch and is UNIQUE in every taste... We always want our guests to come back with an authentic experience, by really feeling it in their hearts, blood, and bones.

Attention to Details...

For this reason, we organize only a few safaris and/ or Kilimanjaro treks at a time.
We give each departure our full attention and this helps us to assure the success of every safari and/ or Kilimanjaro trek we organize.
And, more importantly, providing you with the most exclusive and exceptional one—off safari experiences that will leave memories in your heart forever. NO two safaris have ever been the same...NEVER!


I and the team of our adventure specialists [for both safaris and Mount Kilimanjaro treks] for nearly two decades had have customized adventures for actors and actresses, artists, CEOs and Presidents, discerning travelers, and filmmakers using the value of the Shrike DNA—We Care, Personally, and Deeply as the key point of reference.

Walter MiyaFounding Member of Shrike


We had an incredible safari with Mark! It was an exceptional experience, I would highly recommend Shrike Safaris..!

Reid C. Thompson, M.D—Professor, Otolaryngology—Chairman, Department of Neurological SurgeryWilliam F. Meacham Professor of Neurological SurgeryNashville, TN 37212, US


My safari experience with Shrike was outstanding in every respect. I miss Tanzania, the beautiful people, and the wild animals there..!

Sara Sidner—American journalist—CNN National & International CorrespondentLos Angeles, US

Down To Every Last Detail...

We are always here to listen attentively to your safari interests and special needsdon't restrict your expectations... Then, we will design a detailed itinerary together and take care of all the pre—trip arrangements. You'll save time on planning complex programs, all sorts of bookings, and being frustrated. 

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