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Honeymoon Safari, the Perfect Honeymoon Option

Honeymoon Safari, the Perfect Honeymoon Option

Planning for a honeymoon is undoubtedly one of the most important things that couples have to do in their lifetime.  A honeymoon vacation is a once in a lifetime occasion which you will eternally remember as the trip which heralded the beginning of their marriage. For most couples, therefore, honeymoon vacations are the most challenging trips to plan. Honeymoon safari offers a perfect solution for vacation for newlywed couples.

There is no standard measure for determining what is a perfect honeymoon vacation. The success of your honeymoon depends on your experience as a couple. Nevertheless, most honeymoons fall between quiet and relaxed on one extreme and wild and adventurous on the other. For most couples, mixing the two gives a perfect combination which leads to a satisfying experience.

There are very many honeymoon options and destinations that offer amazing experiences. However, none of them beats the experience of a honeymoon safari. Honeymoon safaris offer the perfect combination of serenity and adventure. The big open skies and the vast African plains, the romantic candlelit evenings contrasted by the intensity of wild animals, remote settings and otherworldly experiences are unlike anything else.

Honeymoon safaris are different from most other vacations in many ways. Their planning also tends to differ with other honeymoon plans. Below are a few things you need to know about honeymoon safaris as well as some tips to help you plan for the best possible honeymoon.

The irony of a wedding is that it is one of the most glorious yet one of the most stressful events. In a perfect world, planning for weddings would be easy, and everything would fall into place effortlessly. The bridesmaid dress won’t suddenly have a stain and the flowers won’t be the wrong color. The caterers won’t misplace those ruched table decorations that you took so long to source for. Considering all the hassles associated with weddings, honeymoons should be the time to relax.

The first step in planning for a honeymoon safari should be finding an experienced tour operator to help you do the planning. You just need to conduct sufficient research to help you provide your operators with some insight about your preferred experience. The operators are experts, let them help you plan the best honeymoon.

Don’t get it twisted here! Although you should let the operators handle your schedule, do not let them prescribe how your honeymoon should be like. In most cases, honeymoons occupy a tourism soft spot for most operators.  They are aware that this is a once in a lifetime holiday. Therefore, they will be willing to help make your honeymoon and as memorable as possible.

To make it more exciting, you can add personal touches to your itinerary. You can choose to go for a game drive or have an intimate supper. You can also choose to go on a boat trip to a remote stretch of a beach. The bottom line is, you should choose a unique activity that will enhance your honeymoon experience. Remember this is your holiday and you have a responsibility to make it exciting and memorable.

A honeymoon is a time that to you get to enjoy some privacy with your partner. Ensure that you plan your itinerary to create the perfect mix of alone time and social activity. There are a few challenges that come with trying to protect one’s privacy. For instance, guests in the lodge that you have chosen for your honeymoon may not be sensitive to your privacy. Besides, it is easy to get swept up in group activities. You may also feel as if you are letting people down by not joining in.

Nevertheless, your privacy is your responsibility, and you should guard it at all times. You should discuss with your partner how to balance privacy and social activities. Be sure to let the staff of your lodge know about your expectations. When making this decision, be realistic about the practical limits. Consider available private activities and the activities you will have to participate in groups.

A honeymoon safari offers a wide range of exciting experiences, activities, and excursions for couples. When in a honeymoon safari, be sure to try out the various available activities. One of the most exciting activity is hot-air ballooning over the plains. You can also take a cultural tour to local villages. Other options include guided walks in the wilderness, and snorkeling or boat outings. Let your hair down and engage in as many activities as you and your partner are comfortable with. Make the experience memorable by participating in activities that you would otherwise never do and make memories that you will share with your children in the future. Most importantly, be sure to have fun.

Honeymoon safaris offer the possibility of combining both bush and beach experience. Couples get to experience a combination of the ultimate relaxation and adventure of a wildlife safari and the peaceful island gateway experience which comes with white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and romantic beach villa accommodation.

Not every game park has the same animals. Africa is a vast continent, and the animals found there vary in each country, region and game park. You should choose your destination depending on what you want to see. You should also consider which animals you are most interested in viewing.

The big five animals are found in many countries in Africa. However, their concentration varies from one country to another. As such, be sure to research on which countries and parks offer the best experience in viewing the animals you are interested in. You can even be more specific and inquire about the particular lodge that will provide you with the best opportunity to see these animals depending on where they are most often spotted.

There are many amazing perfect honeymoon safari itineraries. Shrike Safaris offer the best itinerary that helps you to explore what Tanzania has to offer. The available packages will make your honeymoon safari an exciting experience.