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We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

Custom Crafted Safari

Maybe your vacation schedule doesn't quite fit a set of our scheduled safaris we offer. It could be that you see something you like but you'd prefer a slightly different itinerary or level of luxury and activity. A custom trip may be the answer... we easily craft your safari from the ground up – just like the tailor who fits your suit and the chef who prepares your meals – with thoughtfulness, care, and undivided attention to detail. Nothing is too little, and nothing is ever too much. Custom safari is ideal for honeymooners, families, special interest groups, or those seeking the utmost luxury and privacy.
Have you and your friends been dreaming of an African safari but none of the choices out there seem to match your dreams? Are you thinking of taking your family on safari, and would you like a private trip? Are you a special interest group with wildlife or cultural focus? Since 2007 we've specialized in designing exclusive adventures for individuals, couples, families, and groups. Let us put our expertise to work for you to organize the perfect safari to match your interests.

Together, we can help you plan your safari with complete flexibility, personalized service… and fulfill your every need and exceed your expectations. You are always at the heart of planning your safari...

Custom Safari Ideas...

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With the help of our honeymoon specialist, we'll carefully craft and polish an itinerary bringing you to the most private areas possible.

Experience the wonders of nature away from the crowds, stay in intimate camps where comforts and amenities abound, endless savannahs and unfathomable waterways, all teeming with wildlife rather than other tourists.

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We're very open to customization and can craft a program that gives you amazing safari opportunities for everyone in your family...

Most families prefer to include the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater—two of the country's most well-known reserves, these glorious examples of Africa's varied and rugged wilderness never fail to inspire even the most well-traveled.

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For unparalleled beauty and wilderness, Serengeti National Parks and Ngorongoro Crater shine in scenic splendor

Depending on your interests we can include a unique stay in the Serengeti National Park—the best place on earth for wildlife viewing where you can witness the awe-inspiring sight of the Great migration, you are treated to captivating encounters with some of the largest land mammals on the planet.

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Combined with comfortable lodgings, quality meals, and the chance to explore wildlife, you will experience an in—depth and infinitely rewarding birding experience!

Accompanied by a local bird—watcher and traveling by custom safari vehicle as well as walking in the bush, you will have the opportunity to observe an abundance of birds or investigate endangered species such as Usambara Hyliota, Long-billed Tailorbird, Amani Sunbird, and Bateleur eagle.

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Private Jet Safari

Flying in the executive—class plane from one location to another while overnighting in Africa’s finest lodgings. No luxury is overlooked...

Flying in the executive—class plane from one location to another while overnighting in Africa’s finest accommodations every evening. No luxury is overlooked...

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Specialty group or Friends

Would you prefer to travel with just your friends or colleagues? In this case, Shrike Safaris is for you... 

Our scheduled safaris are well-curated to suit friends or couples with flexibility and privacy-within-a-group... a private vehicle and a top—notch local safari guide will be yours for all game drives — a lovely feature!

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Discerning Traveler

Creating exceptional experiences is at the core of everything we do... it's part of our DNA to get our hands dirty and immerse ourselves in the last details of yours.

We expertly cater not only to a small segment of discerning travelers who demand the finest standard of luxury experiences, for example, stay in the most secluded villa or private Island...

Shrike Safaris does everything with a custom approach, so they aren't throwing you into the tourist pit that is run by other big brands [will not name them here for ethical reasons]. Although custom approaches command a premium, it is well worth the increment in price because the experience you will get is far and away superior. You will be away from the hordes, you will see larger packs of animals, you will have 1—on—1 [or close to] handling, and you'll feel that they really care about you...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    What is a custom safari?

    Quite simply, it's a professionally escorted, all—inclusive tour where you and your companions are the only guests. You can expect the highest degree of personal attention possible with daily activities solely dictated by your individual desires.

  • 2

    Does custom safari cost more?

    We are committed to helping you plan a trip of a lifetime... the price for a custom safari depends on the season of the year you are traveling, the type of accommodations chosen, size of your party, duration of your safari, etc. because of the exclusive and small group nature of most custom trips, you should expect to pay 10 to 30 percent more than a scheduled safari.

  • 3

    When should I begin to plan my custom trip?

    It is wise to start the process as far in advance as possible (most of our guests book 6 months to 1 year in advance) to maximize your itinerary and date options.

  • 4

    How small or how large a group can you accommodate?

    We have successfully planned custom safaris for parties as small as just one and for groups of over 100 travelers. In most cases, a party size of 2 to 24 people affords the most flexibility and possible tour options.

  • 5

    Can every trip or itinerary featured on Shrike Safaris be customized?

    While we will make every effort possible to fulfill your specific needs and requests, not all trips, activities, or attractions lend themselves to customization. In the event that we are unable to provide you with a suitable option to consider we will be happy to recommend alternative resources if and when available.

  • 6

    What is the difference between a "custom trip" and an "exclusive group departure"?

    A "custom safari" is a trip itinerary that has been tailor—made for an individual, couple, or group, operating on specific dates chosen by the trip planner. An "exclusive group departure" is a private group trip that follows a scheduled itinerary, which operates on a selected date chosen from a pre-set schedule of trip departure dates. Both options can be arranged through Shrike Safaris.

Start planning your custom safari...

No detail is overlooked... the more you share with us your details, the better we serve you. Crafting a custom safari takes passion and time... with Shrike, no two itineraries are the same; each safari is as unique as you are—this is what makes our custom safaris unbeatable...