Shrike Custom Safari

"The Ultimate in Custom—Crafted African Safari...

Our Custom Safari continues the tradition that started in the early 1910s after Teddy Roosevelt's hunting safari to East Africa in 1909. Replete with collapsible canvas bathtubs, custom—made bed linens, exotic safari outfits and equipment, vintage wines, and elegant table fittings, the party set out with approximately 500 porters to transport and service the needs of this exclusive group in their quest to conquer the bush in elegance and luxury. This concept had grown over the decades that followed. 
The customized adventure fits your life better as it's crafted specifically for you—it has exactly the specifications you want and nothing you don't want. Our team of safari and Mount Kilimanjaro trek specialists for nearly two decades had have customized adventures for actors and actresses, artists, CEOs and Presidents, discerning travelers, and filmmakers using the value of the Shrike DNA—We Care, Personally, and Deeply as the key point of reference.


We listen attentively to your own plans, style, and must—see. 

We understand exactly what you want your adventure to be.

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We closely work with you on the customization of your itinerary the meets your interest, preference, and energy levels...

Then, we make a dream adventure that reflects your own style happen day—by—day, hour—by—hour with no request too difficult.


Whether you are looking for a private Tanzania safari, Kilimanjaro Trek, family or multi—generational safari, or any other special interest trip including honeymoon gateway, bird watching, the Great migration safari, and professional photography or filming safari or seeking extra luxury and privacy—SHRIKE is for you; we can precisely help you achieve your dream adventure that immerses you in the world of nature, culture, and the true African experience.

To explore further the marvelous possibilities of your custom adventure; simply reach out to one of our Safari or Trek specialists who matches your interests and personal style and be prepared as he/ she waxes poetically on and on... you are talking directly to one of our team from the first to the last day, real safari and trek specialists, not agents...


Explore the Best of Tanzania with Paul 

Tanzania Safaris Specialist


Let Nancy Craft A Honeymoon Safari for you  

Honeymoon and Wedding Safaris Specialist


Conquer Mount Kilimanjaro with Innocent

Kilimanjaro Treks Specialist


Enhance Your Family Safari with Elihuruma 

Family Safaris Specialist


Your Photography Safari starts with Ahadi 

Filming and Photography Safaris Specialist


Unlock Luxury African Safari with Verah

Luxury Safaris Specialist


Meet Sara For A Private—Jet Safari...

Private—Jet Safaris Specialist


Join Mark—A birder at heart...

Birding Safari Specialist


Let Walter Craft A Safari & Kilimanjaro trek for you

Safari & Kilimanjaro Treks Specialist

Can't find an adventure specialist who matches your interests; just complete this form and I will be in touch to help you plan your safari., we are well known for our exceptional attention to detail, and we NEVER miss the mark...

Shrike Safaris does everything with a custom approach, so they aren't throwing you into the tourist pit that is run by others (such as A&K, MICATO, etc.). Although custom approaches command a premium, it is well worth the increment in price because the experience you will get is far and away superior. You will be away from the hordes, you will see larger packs of animals, you will have 1-on-1 (or close to) handling, and you'll feel that they really care about you...

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