We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

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Insider Tips for Safari Success

"The Ultimate Field Guide for A Successful Safari...

It may be stating the obvious, but even experienced safari—goers sometimes forget the small details that help you get the most out of your bush experience. Here are a few of our top tips…

Mark Madola—the Founder of Shrike Safaris

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Get up and get out when the animals are most active

It can be tiring to get up early enough to be out as the sun rises, but it is well worth the effort. Early mornings usually bring the best sightings and wildlife encounters. Make a habit of taking a siesta in the heat of the day so you have plenty of energy for game drives.

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Take a really good pair of binoculars with you

If you are in a group or have your kids with you, invest in a decent pair of binoculars for each person. The last thing you want when you’ve happened upon a special sighting is for someone else to be hogging the binoculars.

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Don't look into your camera all the time

Don’t make the mistake of seeing the entire safari through the lens of a camera. Take the time to look around carefully and quietly and soak up the whole picture.

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Ask questions – lots of them

Our guides are a font of knowledge – they really enjoy sharing their bush know-how with guests, and never get tired of answering questions. That said, it is good bush etiquette to keep the volume down: talking loudly may not only scare the animals away but it can be disruptive for the people with you.

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Take the time to sit in silence

There is something magical about the sound of the breeze through the grass, the clicks and whirs of the beetles, and the bird calls. You’ll develop an ear for animal sounds, too.

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Every now and then close your eyes and inhale deeply

Include other senses of organs—the scents of the bush are as telling as the sights. Seeing Tanzania. Taking it all in. Creating Lifelong memories...

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Africa time’ rules during your safari

Don’t try to rush from one sighting to the next – enjoy the moment; something unexpected always happens in the bush.

Ready to Start Planning Your Adventure..?

So whether you want to go on a classic ‘big game’ safari in Tanzania, a private jet safari, or a trek to Mount Kilimanjaro, we can organize everything down to the very last detail. All that’s left for you to do is sit back, relax, enjoy... and bring back home ever—lasting memories.