We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

Frequently Asked Questions About Safari

These are the most frequently asked questions that will help you when planning your Tanzanian safari. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for further information or if you have more questions.

What is the best time to come on this safari?

There is no best time, each season has its own special features. Safari in the rainy season [April—May, and October—November] and the landscape is beautifully green, the dust has settled and there are fewer guests on safari. The grass is fertile and tall which makes the spotting game more challenging but rewarding. The rain will mainly fall during the night. The remainder of the year is called the dry season, when there is less water available so animals tend to congregate around the water sources, making game spotting easier. This season also attracts more guests on safari specifically from June to September.

Is there a minimum or maximum age for guests on this trip?

No there isn’t, we welcome people of all ages. Children of all ages are allowed; we do suggest that children of the ages of 3 years and up seem to get the most out of their experience. There is no upper age limit. We kindly ask you to let us know in advance if you are physically challenged or less—abled.

I am a solo traveler and prefer to avoid the single supplement, can you find a roommate for me?

We extend a warm invitation to join this safari. Shrike staff will go out of their way to make you feel at home and introduce you to fellow travelers, while our safari guide will probably end up as your dearest friends. From retirees on their own to single parents with teenage children, our single travelers glowingly praise the special attention and warm hospitality extended by Shrike staff. And, if you prefer to avoid the single supplement, we will gladly endeavor to find another companionable single who might wish to share a room with you—just mention it upon booking.


My mother is in a wheelchair, can she come with me on this trip?

Yes, we would love to welcome her. Please bear in mind that there are few facilities for handicapped/ less—abled people, but if your mother doesn’t mind being carried into the game drive vehicle and to her room, then she will take home memories to last a lifetime.

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How do I book this trip?

The unique appeal of this safari is the exclusive nature of hand-picked accommodations which can fill up quickly, particularly in high season, it is recommended to book at least 90 days in advance, some of our guests book 1 year in advance. A deposit in the amount of 30% of your per—person trip price will hold your space. Credit and Debit Cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Discover are accepted for your trip deposit.

Do you guarantee a departure?

Every Shrike trip is guaranteed to depart as scheduled, regardless of group size. With Shrike, once your departure date has been confirmed and we have received your deposit, your safari will take place. We pride ourselves on making, and keeping, this promise to our guests.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Cancellation By You:If the unexpected circumstance emerges leading one of you to cancel your trip for any reason; the lead name on the booking must give the notice to cancel the trip in writing or mail at our office and we shall switch your payment to our "Lifetime Deposit Scheme™ The deposit will remain valid until you’re ready to do the same trip within the next 2 years. And if you can't do the trip anymore, you can easily pass it on to a friend or relatives.

Changes Made By Shrike:We reserve the right to do any change in this safari due to unexpected conditions. The unique appeal of this trip is the cutting edge service of our staff specifically the safari and mountain guides, our commitment to excellent service, and most important — the exclusive nature of hand—picked lodges and tented camps, which also means that occasionally one of them may be fully booked when you wish to visit [that's why we ask our guests to book this trip as early as possible]. In which case, we will discuss with you and advise; either to reorder the itinerary or we will [if we are able to do so] offer you an alternative tour of equivalent or closely similar standard and price at NO extra cost or recommend similar accommodation—there are, literally, scores of exquisite places to choose from.

What happens if our flights are canceled/ delayed and therefore need to cancel/postpone the safari? (i.e. will receive a full/partial refund?)

Our "2-Year Deposit Scheme™ will automatically apply

What if I need medical attention while on the trip?

There are good quality medical facilities in cities like Dar es Salaam, Arusha, and Mwanza. As a local tour operator, we can recommend the best physicians. However, in more remote locations of Tanzania, you are assured of the services of the Flying Doctors—a group of well-qualified physicians who travel by aircraft throughout the bush to provide treatment and transportation in Tanzania. This assures Shrike guests of prompt medical attention and air transportation in the unlikely event that an emergency should arise.

I have Sleep Apnea and use a CPAP machine which requires electricity throughout the night. Do all the safari lodges and tented camps have 24-hour electricity?​

Yes, they do. Bringing a CPAP machine is not a problem, and we will ensure that your machine is plugged in.

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Would you be able to pick up and drop us off at the airport/ hotel before and afterward?

Transfers to and from the airport(s) are available at your pleasure and at no charge, regardless of which airline you fly or when you arrive or depart. With Shrike, once you have booked your safari, you are our valued guest at any time of the day or night.

How many participants per departure?

We encourage our guests to book either private or custom safari. However, if you prefer a small group adventure and in keeping with our commitment to personalized service and exclusive arrangements, Shrike’s trips are always small and intimate in size—carefully designed to avoid any “big-group” feeling. Groups vary from as few as 6 guests [and what service!] to an average of 8 believed to be the smallest group in the industry. Our safari vehicle accommodates no more than six guests.

Can I transform this trip into a private safari?

For an additional supplement, we can easily customize this safari into an exclusive, fully Private Safari, with you and your family, or a group of friends with your own safari guide. A private vehicle will be yours for all game drives and tours—a lovely feature! Please choose this option upon booking...  

Who will be our tour guide? [If not known yet, please provide resumes/CVs of your guides]

We select our Tour Guides for their discerning eye for even the smallest detail, as well as for their sincere friendliness and dedication to personal service—ensuring an incomparable wildlife experience in an atmosphere of warm hospitality. It is particularly heartwarming that so many returning guests pen long letters of praise for their safari guide, each guest thinking that their particular safari guide must certainly have been the best in the company!
We are one of the few safari companies operating its own training school with instructors drawn from Professional Tour Guide School. Regular classes are held throughout the year, with curriculum ranging from the latest in conservation issues, in-depth studies of particular animals, and recent palaeoanthropological discoveries to service issues and safari vehicle maintenance. CPR training is also a part of the curriculum and we are proud that all our mountain guides and the safari guides accompanying you have completed a certified course. ​Most of our safari guides are employed exclusively by Shrike and have been with us for an average of seven years.

Will our safari guide speak fluent English?

Yes! At Shrike, we understand the importance of having an English-speaking safari guide in the vehicle at all times. After all, these chaps will spend many enjoyable hours with you, revealing the wonders of the region’s geography, history, tribal lore and, of course, its wildlife.

What vehicle will we have?

You will use a 4x4 safari vehicle [either Toyota Land Cruiser or Land Rover]. Your journey on safari involves exhilarating days on the trail of African wildlife, making the quality of your ground transportation of the utmost importance. For that reason, we are pleased to provide only the finest state-of-the-art safari vehicles for your sojourn with Shrike. Soft seats with headrests, roominess and good suspension all combine to make for a very comfortable ride across the African plains. Every traveler is additionally assured of a window seat directly under a pop-up roof. A personal set of binoculars is provided as well.

What happens if the car breaks down?

We do not expect breakdowns to happen. We keep maintaining our vehicles very well. In case it happens, we have our mobile garage with professional mechanics who can quickly fix the car and if the breakdown is serious we may provide a replacement safari vehicle for you to proceed with the trip.

What sort of food can we expect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

3—7 courses per meal; in the bush, the quality of the cuisine in lodges and camps is superb. Fishes, Meats, vegetables, and fruit arrive daily, fresh from the surrounding area’s rich farmlands. Early riser’s coffee is served before the sunrise game drive, followed by abundant breakfast buffets, luncheons on the veranda, and a formal afternoon tea. Dinners are fashionably late following the return of the afternoon game drive, allowing time for relaxation and “sundowners” in the lounge or around the campfire.

I am lactose intolerant/ require gluten-free meals/ allergic to peanuts/ vegan. Can you cater for this?

Yes, the chefs at each camp have been specially trained to deal with many different types of dietary requirements. They will personally discuss your upcoming meals with you. Please also be sure to notify us of dietary requirements when making your booking. 

What is the earliest international flight that I can book on the last day?

The earliest international flights you can book are those that depart at 2030 hrs or later. If you depart earlier than that, we can organize an early airport transfer for you; in this case, the earliest international departure you can book is then 1600 hrs.