Full-Day Game Drive

Where Can be Done

Preferably in the Serengeti, Nyerere "Selous', Lake Manyara, and Tarangire National Parks.


This is part of a planned itinerary. Advanced reservations required.


10 hours of in-depth game viewing ...drive back to the camp/ lodge for sundowner and dinner.

And each time offers something unique: storm clouds and lush green grass; the Great Migration crossings of the Grumet or Mara River; or a lion resting in the camouflaged dry grass

Full-Day Experience of the wilderness

Lunch in the middle of nowhere...

lion, wild cat, feline-5611794.jpg

Witness the arrival of the night’s predators

In front of you, a river moves steadily along, speckled by light. A few hippos laze in the water, chortling, and splashing.

Unforgettable Full-Day Safari....

As time goes on and the weather cools, the shadows lengthen and the bush changes once more.

Even a bad day is a good day in the Serengeti since undoubtedly you will have encountered vistas, flora, and fauna new to you. Each can be revisited in the memory as you sink into your welcoming sundowner back at your camp/ lodge.

We guarantee that bush cocktails will be a romantic and oh-so-delightful way to wind down a day.

Imagine; just a few of you alone in your custom safari vehicle, lingering along an idyllic river filled with hippos bobbing and lumbering into the sunset while your safari guide prepares your preferred sundowner and regales guests with tales of Africa.


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Only available as part of your planned itinerary and advanced reservation is highly recommended.

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