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We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

The Shrike Speciality Safari

Areas Visited

Ngorongoro Crater.The Great Rift Valley escarpment.Spectacular view of Mt. Kilimanjaro(when the cloud is clear...)Serengeti National Park.


Duration: 8 DaysArrival City: ArushaDeparture City: ArushaActivities: Wildlife


Flexible payment either US Dollar 999 one-time payment or pay in installments from US Dollar 41.62/mo. for 6 mo. (WITHOUT ANY FEE)

If there were one more thing I could do, it would be to go on safari once again.” 

Karen Blixen, “Out of Africa” author

Day 1

Arrival Arusha Tanzania via Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO).

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    Welcome to Arusha city—the gateway to the greatest wildlife adventures in Tanzania and East Africa. The city lies at the foot of Mount Meru, Africa's 5th highest peak. On a clear day, you have magnificent views of both Mount Meru and the snowy mountain peak of Kilimanjaro.

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Meet & Greet at the Airport (JRO)

Our town vehicle will meet you at the airport and my favorite safari guide—Ahadi, will be holding a signboard specifically for you. Sit back and unwind with complimentary refreshments as Ahadi drives for approximately 45 minutes and provides a little background on Arusha city and advises you about his favorite places.

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Check-in at Arusha Coffee Lodgevoted one of the Top 5 Hotels in Africa 2020 by Travel + Leisure.

Upon arrival at Arusha Coffee Lodge, the friendly staff will offer you a cherished beverage as you check in. There are no wristbands because everything is included. You will be seamlessly escorted to your room. Feel free to order room service (it's included) while you freshen up.

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A Complimentary Upgrade to A Plantation Suite

Arusha Coffee Lodge, located in a working coffee plantation. Relax and stay for 2 nights in one of the Plantation Suites, I will choose for you the one with a great view which boasts a romantic four-poster bed, ensuite bathroom, an open fireplace, a minibar, and a private deck that stretches out onto rows and rows of berry-laden coffee bushes.

Day 2

Arusha City & Acclimatization Day

On your first day in Arusha, Ahadi will meet you at 10 am for the welcome session, followed by a safari briefing answers questions, and creates excitement.

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    If you are on the hunt for carefully crafted African art, sculptures, and artifacts, he will escort you to the Cultural Heritage craft mall for the best pieces in the city.

    And this evening, you enjoy the delightful dinner with your safari host at Arusha Coffee Lodge restaurants specifically Blue Heron Restaurant. During the peak seasons, the restaurant tends to fill up, but I can get you a table at a moments notice. Fine meals, great conversation, and warm camaraderie top the evening. 

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Coffee Tour Experience

Let's get your feet wet by exploring one of Arusha’s coffee plantations (experience a tree—to—cup tour), including a tour of the coffee tasting plant providing insight into the brewing process.

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Decent Lunch

At lunchtime, you may opt to go local and feast on “Nyama Choma”, Swahili word for roast meat or stay at the lodge and enjoy your mouth—watering lunch at George’s Greek Tavern restaurant where Chef Kimaro goes above and beyond and will serve you course after course of both local and International delicacies (depending on your choice).

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Tanzanite Experience

Tanzanite tour is a must-do experience for any jewelry lover. Tanzanite—the precious gem exclusively mined in Tanzania; is a unique souvenir of your Tanzania safari. You will enjoy the opportunity to see for yourself how each gem is graded and cut and then spoil yourself by purchasing a genuine, certified tanzanite piece.

Day 3

Fly to Tarangire National Park.

Enjoy your last lavish banquet breakfast... You will be driven to Arusha Airstrip, where you will board a scheduled flight to another African icon: Tarangire National Park.

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    You had seen photos of baobab trees in books, but in reality, they are stunning, to be able to fundamentally live in one is surreal. Unnecessary to mention that the room per se had everything that a real 5-star hotel room would have. A coffee maker, a tea maker, of course, abundant water to drink and wash our teeth, a safe, a sofa, rocking chairs on the terrace, you will be surprised.

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Arrival & Check-in at Tarangire Treetop

A short scenic flight will take you to Kuro Airstrip in Tarangire where a Shrike Safaris representative will be waiting to escort you to Tarangire Treetops located in a private conservancy on the edge of Tarangire National Park

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Your Room

Staying at the Treetop is another thrilling experience of luxury life in the bush. Treetops’ main lodge, constructed around a 1000-year-old baobab, is just the beginning.
Your room is lovingly crafted tree houses, raised for sweeping views of the Tarangire National Park; the room is also extraordinarily large, airy, and utterly magical.

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Afternoon Game Viewing

After enjoying a decent hot lunch and give your food a chance to settle, proceed with game viewing to Tarangire; a country of 5 vegetation zones including rolling grasslands, dense thickets, and groves of acacia woodland. Green vegetation grows along the Tarangire River and its tributaries, which is the source of water to wild animals during the dry season (June — September)

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Sundowner...Dinner & Overnight Stay at the Treetops

The sheer enormity of the Tarangire offers endless opportunities for excitement, including one of the most glorious evening events of the safari—sundowners on Sunset Hill where cocktails await us deep in the bush and later drive to the lodge for dinner & overnight stay.

Day 4

Morning—Bush Walk & Afternoon—Game Drive

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    As the warmth of the African day gives way to the cool of the evening, we experience a rare peace and beauty and find our- selves as one with NATURE and her inhabitants.

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Nature Walk with a Local Safari Guide

We awaken to the sounds of Africa and begin our day with a Bush Walk, affording an intimate and profoundly personal bond to the world of the wild.
You have a chance to encounter wild animals, such as giraffes, some antelopes like impala, and different species of bird.
A sumptuous breakfast follows after a Bush walk.

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Decent Lunch May be with An Unexpected Visitor!

Then, we are back to Tarangire Treetop to enjoy our decent lunch and prepare ourselves for the superb afternoon game viewing to Tarangire National Park.
Keep your camera close to you! While celebrating your mouth-watering lunch keep your eyes open as the elephants or other wild animals visit the lodge unexpectedly. Just enjoy your meal as the elephant is NOT in awe of your decent hot lunch.

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Afternoon Game Viewing

An extensive afternoon game drive explores the depths of the deep Tarangire. On the savannah woodland are enormous herds of grazing animals plus predators—leopard and black-maned lion— hiding amidst acacia trees.
Our expert naturalist is hard at work, sharing with you the simplicity of Nature and pointing out each individual miracle of Nature that we are now a part of. The park is also dotted with the longest living tree "baobab tree"

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Sundowner...Dinner & Overnight Stay at the Treetops

We are once again enjoying our Sundowner while stunned by the beauty of the orange sunset that hovers in the wild African sky, signaling the end to yet another unforgettable day on safari.
And tonight, as we delight in another luscious meal at this exceptional lodge served in a Masai boma, surrounded by acacia trees and an open sky full of gorgeous stars above.

Day 5

Serengeti National Park

Another early start as we make our way to Kuro Airport for your scheduled flight to the Serengeti—Grumet Airstrip.

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    No African safari would be perfect without a stay at a tented camp, and our chosen one in the Serengeti is Kirawira Luxury Tented Camp. Designed to replicate the classic hunting camps of famous hunters like Baron Bror Blixen and Denys George Finch Hatton—an English aristocratic big-game hunter and the lover of Baroness Karen Blixen, a Danish noble-lady who spoke about him in her autobiographical book "Out of Africa". 

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Fly to Serengeti—Western Corridor

This morning we fly to the World famous Serengeti, winging our way over the scenic Great Rift Valley escarpment and the unspoiled savannah grassland that the Masai Mara shares with the legendary Serengeti. Below us lies the Africa you dreamt of
On arrival at Grumet Airstrip, you will be met by a Shrike representative who will offer you cherished beverages as you greet her and get transferred to Kirawira Luxury Tented Camp.

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Check-in at Kirawira Luxury Campa reincarnation of Victorian-era elegance standing high on the bluff.

You will experience the overwhelming comfort of a five—star hotel as if in one of the world’s great cities, but you will be here, cosseted and coddled, in the splendor of the African bush. Exquisite service is a part of the fabric of life here.

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Splendid Afternoon Game drive

The deep forest grows along the Grumet River and its tributaries, where many hippos and crocodiles bask lazily in the sunlight. Here we find the largest population of lions in Africa, carefully watched by their next-door neighbor, the stunning zebra, large herds of wildebeest, and the stately African buffalo. Huge herds of elephants often block the roads. Glorious wild creatures are almost everywhere—it is difficult to decide where to look first!

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Sundowner...Dinner & Overnight at Kirawira Luxury Tented Camp.

The sheer enormity of the Serengeti offers endless opportunities for excitement, including one of the most glorious evening events of the safari—sundowners on Kirawira hill, where cocktails await us deep in the bush.

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Sunrise Game Viewing& A Sumptious Bush Breakfast

Surprisingly, we will find a dining setup... While asking ourselves, we are met by Shrike representatives offering you a glass of chilled sparkling wine and fresh—pressed orange juice. We joyfully sit down to enjoy a panoramic view and enjoy our full English breakfast.
But having a full course breakfast served in the middle of nowhere with resident wildlife passing by is an unforgettable experience.

Day 6

In—depth Exploration of the Serengeti

Today you are awakened by a very early morning cup of tea or coffee or hot chocolate (depending on your choice) with a muffin.

  •

    Kirawira Luxury Camp is the type of colonial-styled safari camp featuring tasteful chintz lounges, Persian rugs, antique escritoires, wind-up phonographs, and leather-bound traveling cases...

    The décor of this elegant tented camp is an authentic blend of classic opulence and safari practicality with stained glass and mahogany bars, a private stone terrace for “sundowners,” and a private valet for service. The ambiance is supposed to reflect the yesteryear safaris of the early hunters and affluent Europeans and Americans including Teddy Roosevelt, this location carries that off well.

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Sunrise Game Viewing

Stepping out on our private deck in the pale light of the early morning, scanning the shimmering plains with a cup of strong coffee in hand... yes, we know we’ve arrived in the heart of old Africa.
Game viewing set out in the cool of the morning, long before the dew is dry on the grass when the animals are at their peak of activity. Traversing the veld in open-top, 4WD vehicles is, in itself, exhilarating.

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A Sumptuous Breakfast & Proceed With Game Viewing

After breakfast, there's another extensive game run to explore the depths of the deep Serengeti until noon...
Predators stalk the herds of grazing herbivores, recreating the age-old drama of life and death under the African sun, in a setting so lushly beautiful.

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Luscious Hot—Lunch 

After enjoying your decent hot lunch; you may decide to spend your relaxing time playing board games or reading books in our comfy lounge or taking a nap or soothing massage treatment.
However, I recommend spending your lunch break in the swimming pool before proceeding with afternoon game viewing...

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Afternoon Game Viewing followed by Sundowner & Bush Dinner...

Beginning with sundowners around the campfire, we are proud to entertain you with local dance and song while your five-course dinner is prepared on the blazing charcoal BBQ.
The wide selection of meat, fish, and poultry will be supplemented by vegetarian selections including salads, fresh fruits, and desserts from the main camp and a full safari bar is available specifically for you.

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Enjoy A Night in Your Luxurious Tent

Our night is spent in the unique atmosphere of the original safaris of yesteryear, under canvas in a luxurious tented camp.
The entire property is a tent camp, but there are features that you don't expect such as hardwood floors and granite countertops in the bathroom of your tent. Views of the western Serengeti from your private balcony are always spectacular.

Day 7

Serengeti National Park—Seronera area, the heart of the Serengeti.

Another early start as we enjoy game viewing while making our way to Four Seasons Lodge. Keep your eye open for the huge herds of elephants and giraffes along the way.

  •

    Serengeti is arguably Africa’s breathtaking National Park. It is the home of millions of large mammals, including what is so—called the Big 5; elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard, and the rarely seen black rhinoceros. Over 500 species of birds have been recorded in the area, birds of prey, vultures, lovebirds, cranes, bateleur, weavers, and our very own Shrike—Northern White-Crowned Shrike. It is here where the world’s great migration takes place annually. 

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Check—in at Four Seasons LodgeVoted so many times in Travel + Leisure World’s Best List #1 African Safari Lodge.

We will spend 2 nights at this wonderful lodge in the Serengeti. Adventures include twice-daily game drives.

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Afternoon Game Viewing

After giving your food a chance to settle, join a professionally guided wildlife viewing as we head out deep onto the legendary Serengeti Plains in search of the wildlife, and here we find the Old Africa of the movies, with rolling grasslands dotted by acacia trees and sweeping plains teeming with wildlife.

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Bush Sundowner either at the Lodge or Savannah Plains.

The stunning Bush Sundowner—a glorious al fresco cocktail party overlooking the savannah at sunset is part of our DNA and one of the greatest highlights of your safari to the Serengeti.

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Delicious Dinner & Overnight Stay at Four Seasons Lodge

As evening approaches, return to the lodge for a delicious dinner which will leave you wondering how such a fantastic meal is prepared out in the African bush.
As night falls, the secluded environment of the Serengeti is transformed into a magical paradise, Rhythms of NATURE - an amazing voyage that will transport you to a spiritual land that time forgot

Day 8

Hot-air Balloon Safari & Game Viewing

Today we see the Serengeti not only from the ground but from the air, as we take an early morning Hot Air Balloon Safari. As you float above the splendor of the Serengeti, you will see it anew from your lofty perspective.

  • Read more

    I am always delighted to share with you lots of dark secrets in the Serengeti, why Serengeti has existed for millions of years and why it shall never die, how the endless plain was formed, and its roles in the great migration. Get to know why the Masai people named the park "Siringet" and NOT "Serengeti" as it is known Worldwide.

Floating Over Africa

It is our pleasure to invite you to this amazing experience as our guest. You will drift serenely over the great herds as birds of prey swoop past. Elephants and giraffe cast a curious glance your way. The beauty of the wilderness as seen from the early morning African sky is an unparalleled experience. Everywhere there are animals, monkeys and, yes, birds... but look closely and you will thrill to the huge savannah cat—lion, leopard, and cheetah—others trying to pull down a prey. The experience of a lifetime...

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Champagne Breakfast

Upon your descent, you will celebrate with a sumptuous Champagne Breakfast, served on the plains which you just so recently overlooked from your scenic perch high above.

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Extensive Game Viewing

Soon after your champagne breakfast proceed with well—planned game viewing. As your vehicle rolls across the plains, you eagerly scan the skyline for movement. You’re now playing the role of a wild tracker, giddy at the opportunities that await you. Suddenly, your safari guide hits the brakes and points.There, in the shade of a nearby shrub: Lions. The male is lounging languidly, his chin resting on a log—he is regal, even as he parts his deadly jaws to yawn... No matter what your expectations, you will not fail to be astounded by life in the Serengeti.

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Sundowner...Dinner & Overnight at Four Seasons Lodge

Soon the natural world is a dark velvet cape all around us with only the firelight and the stars in the ancient African sky to light the night. As the warmth of the African day gives way to the cool of the evening, we experience a rare peace and beauty and find ourselves as one with Nature and her inhabitants.

Day 9

Sunrise Game Drive & Fly to Gibb's Farm

We then set off on a sunrise game viewing, which is timed to offer the very best chance of spotting big cats including lions, leopards, and cheetahs as they actively stalking their prey.

  •

    You would not think of coming to Tanzania without staying at Gibb's Farm. It is, simply put, the single most spectacular place to stay anywhere in Tanzania. From the geography to the stunningly elegant cottages, to farm-to-table dining, to the warm, friendly, and generous people who work and live on the farm, Gibbs Farm is just over the top incredible.

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Fly to Lake Manyara Airstrip

At 1100hrs we catch up with a scheduled flight to Gibb's Farm via Lake Manyara Airstrip, winging our way over the unspoiled savannah that the legendary Serengeti. Below us lies the Africa of your dreams!
On arrival at the airstrip, a Shrike Safaris representative will meet and greet you and escort you to Gibb's Farm

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Organic Farm—to—Table Dining at Gibb's Farm—Travel + Leisure World’s Best List #1 African Safari Lodge—3 Times.

Top the day off with a farm—to—table dining experience in the elegant dining room, always a culinary delight.

Heading photo

Explore Gibb's Farm

The afternoon is all yours. Take a swim in the infinity pool, enjoy the bicycle tour, and learning about local culture from the attentive staff, or join a guided walk around the farm and forest where you will learn more about indigenous plant medicine.
Finishing with a Sundowner is part of the Shrike DNA, of course.

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Your Room With its Distinctive Outdoor Shower

You'll spend 2 nights in a bedroom farm cottage Your room is famed for an outdoor shower for revitalizing your body and soul.
It holds its own unique story connected to the local Tanzanian culture and history expressed through stylish furnishings and art collections; you've got a choice of twin queen or king—sized bedroom swathed in a soft mosquito net.

Day 10

Lake Manyara—Half Day Game Viewing

“…the loveliest [lake] I had seen in Africa.”

Ernest HemingwayNobel Prize winner—American novelist and short-story writer,

Heading photo

Lake Manyara National Park

Today after enjoying our organic breakfast; we drive for approximately 45 minutes to Lake Manyara National Park. The park is famous for its tree-climbing lions and vast elephant herds.
The shores of the lake, encrusted with both greater and lesser flamingos, attract more than 400 species of birds. Large herds of buffalo, leopard, Masai giraffe, and the troops of baboon roam the lake shores and valley slopes.

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Outdoor Organic Lunch

At noon we drive back to Gibb's Farm to enjoy a smorgasbord of organic dishes...
Experience a private picnic that includes a delicious lunch with either a rug and cushions or a safari table and chairs. This experience can be set up at your lovely hidden corners on the farm.

Heading photo

Afternoon Tea & Spa Treatment (Optional)

You may book a spa treatment; there is a variety of revitalizing wellness treatments that refresh your body, soul, and mind while in Africa.
Experience afternoon tea in the garden with a decent combination of coffees, teas, fresh cream, and scones.
Spent your early evening just wandering around the farm enjoying all the colors and smells. Want to milk a cow or gather the chicken eggs? Watch how the farm’s coffee beans are hand-roasted? Let us know!

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Candle—lit Dinner

In the evening, as you make stories with your hosts; experience alfresco candle—lit dinners featuring both local and English-influenced cuisine.
Enjoy a briefing session while sitting around a large bush fire burning in the middle and lanterns around under the African sky and get excited about your safari to Ngorongoro Crater the next day.

Day 11

Ngorongoro Crater

Soon after having your sumptuous breakfast at Gibbs Farm; we depart for Ngorongoro Crater, we descend 2,000 feet into this magnificent crater known for its spectacular beauty and unique game viewing

  •

    Ngorongoro Crater—this magnificent natural amphitheater hosts the largest concentration of wild animals in all of Africa. Prides of lion, rarely seen black rhino, and elephant share this land with the legendary Maasai tribesmen. Because the grasses are short, the game is easily spotted and can be approached quite closely. We spend a splendid day on the floor of the crater observing wildlife in this ageless World Heritage Site.

Heading photo

The Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Crater, once a gigantic volcano, is the largest intact caldera in the world. Approximately 2.5 million years old, the ancient caldera shelters one of the most excellent wildlife havens on earth.
Black rhinos are protected within its border, giant tusked elephants roam around the forests, black-maned lions stalk the grasslands, and flocks of flamingos crowd the soda lakes and ideal romantic safari.

Heading photo

Exclusive Lunch Banquet

Shrike Safaris has special permission to host exclusive bush lunches in a private picnic spot on the Crater floor, away from other tourists.
This picnic lunch experience is exceptional in its form and style. Personalized butler service combines with breathtaking surroundings in the midst of the wildlife action.

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Sundowners & Dinner Back at Gibb's Farm

Sundowners and dinner back at Gibb's Farm will be abuzz, as you make stories with your friends or fellow guests about what you have witnessed on this once—in—a—lifetime full—day safari to Ngorongoro Crater.


Arusha — Departure

Soon after having a sumptuous breakfast and one last look at the wonderful Gibbs Farm before we head to Lake Manyara Airstrip for your scheduled flight to Arusha.

Heading photo

Your Day Room at Arusha Coffee Lodge—Voted one of the Top 5 Hotels in Africa 2020 by Travel + Leisure.

We check into Arusha Coffee Lodge where a dayroom has been reserved at the hotel for our comfort while we enjoy a final day to shop or revisit a favorite spot.

Heading photo

Airport Transfer Depending on your departure time.

We proceed to Kilimanjaro International Airport. As we bid farewell to Tanzania, you know this has been a safari to remember for the rest of our lives—an adventure that the Shrike staff has been pleased and proud to share with you every step of the way.

What Our Guests Say About Their Experience With This Safari...

What Our Guests Say About Their Experience With This Safari...

" To sum up our feedback—we had an exceptional East African safari with Shrike Safaris. I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that it's A—Life—Changing—Experience...

Alex & Regan Purcell.

New York

Tanzania's Best Safari & Kilimanjaro Trek Designers at your fingertips

Tanzania is our homeland; we know Tanzania safaris and Kilimanjaro treks better than anyone else even Google can't compete with us, yes! we are serious... And, we offer a way to experience Tanzania ethically, comfortably, and intimately. But we’ll admit: we might be biased. That’s why you should see what our guests have to say about their experiences traveling with Shrike Safaris. Over the years, hundreds (if not thousands) of Shrike travelers have told us we provided exceptional “ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME experience,” one they can’t wait to talk about. 

Explore the Best of Tanzania with Mark Madola

Tanzania Safaris Specialist


Conquer Mount Kilimanjaro with Walter Miya

Kilimanjaro Treks Specialist

Unlock Luxury Safari with Neema Kim

Luxury Adventures Specialist

What our Guests are Saying...

About Shrike Safaris



To sum it up, we had a wonderful experience and we will be singing your praises for the rest of our lives. Our itinerary was customized to get the most of our safari... I am sure that eventually, we will want to come back to safari in East Africa and when we do, we will absolutely reach out to you. Thank you again...


Manager at KPMG Cyber - New York

Honeymoon Safari


INCLUSIONSWhat we'll Provide for you...

  • Gratuities

    Gratuities included for meals and porterage even substantial ones to your Safari Guide and Safari Leader from beginning to end of your safari and you won’t be “nickel and dimed” for WIFI, tips at the lodges, drinks, and laundry; all that’s left for you to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy...

  • Dining Experience

    From the moment that we pick you up until the moment of your reluctant departure, all meals and beverages (including soft drinks, house wines, well spirits, and local beers) are provided as part of our all-inclusive safari cost—an extravagant saving and an enormous convenience.
    The quality of the cuisine in lodges and camps is also superb. Meats, vegetables, and fruit arrive daily, fresh from the rich farmlands in Mwanza or Arusha. Early riser’s coffee is served before the sunrise game drive, followed by abundant breakfast buffets, luncheons on the veranda, and a formal afternoon tea. Dinners are fashionably late following the return of the afternoon game drive, allowing time for relaxation and “sundowners” in the lounge or around the campfire.

  • Guaranteed Departure

    Once a full payment or a 30% deposit has been made for this safari your trip will depart as scheduled, we will never cancel for any reason other than Force Majeure. Your departure is guaranteed 100% No surcharge or supplemental cost ever imposed.

  • Scheduled Domestic Flights

    An unprecedented three time—saving flight makes travel between reserves a seamless joy.

  • Seriously Stress—free Safari

    ● National park fee● Government taxes● Snacks and refreshments en route● Transfers to and from your hotel and airport.

  • Emergency medical evacuation service

    This assures Shrike guests in the wilderness area of prompt medical attention and air transportation to the nearest medical facility in the unlikely event that an emergency should arise. However, this should NOT replace your travel insurance.
    Moreover, when you travel with Shrike, you are assured of the services of the Flying Doctors, a group of well—qualified physicians who travel by aircraft throughout the bush to provide treatment and transportation in East Africa.

  • Touching Lives of Forgotten Local Community

    A safari with us helps to change the lives of destitute and orphaned children in Tanzania.

  • Top—notch Local Safari Leader and Safari Guide

    Enjoy the services of a highly—credentialed Safari Leader, as well as a Safari Guide during your safari.

  • The Finest and Well—equipped 4x4 Safari Vehicle

    Our safari vehicles are also outfitted with ice chests stocked with ample bottled water and soft drinks. Binoculars—one for each traveler—is also available to Shrike guests in the bush, as well as a safari library of field guides to aid in your understanding of the flora and fauna of each region and bean bags for stabilizing long lenses.