We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

There are moments on safari with SHRIKE ...when time may seem to standstill.

Feel this...

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Yourself smiling. Enjoying the most exclusive and comfortable safari experience you can imagine. Have robust morning coffee in a luxurious tented lodge as the vast expanse of the Serengeti stretches before you, or relaxing on the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar while enjoying cocktails and snacks.

And, the sun on your back. Your eyes staring at the lion kill. Philadelphia style on your lips. Local hosts walking with you. A glass of wine, breathtaking views, and a beautiful sunset. Space for daydreaming... and with a timeless part of yourself. Such experiences are not always common… but in Tanzania, they are as regular as the rising Serengeti sun.

But this is more than just a safari—it’s Shrike’s experience. It’s an experience unlike any other, where every moment is exceptional, and some moments really stand out... It is a mixture of excitement and elegance, a place of amusing surprises and uncommon indulgence.

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Watching the Serengeti aweken

The sky is a vivid, cloudless blue. The sun is just emerging, and the dew on the tall savannah grass glimmers golden in the light. In the branches above you, exotic birds sing their morning songs into the crisp, fresh air. In front of you, a river moves steadily along, speckled by light. A few hippos laze in the water, chortling, and splashing.

You wake with a smile, stirred by the rich aroma of fresh-brewed coffee. A silver tray waits by the tent flap. Still rubbing sleep from your eyes, you step out into the new day, hot coffee in hand. The new sun warms your face. You sigh contentedly, sit on your private deck and sip your coffee, waking up with Africa.

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Serengeti Balloon Safari

Soar above the Serengeti in a hot air balloonAs the sun rises over the vast, untamed landscape, catch glimpses of the Big Five below, before enjoying a Champagne breakfast in the bush. But you will have to get up early!

Our balloon safaris give you unprecedented views of the Serengeti. At last, you celebrate the amazing experience with a champagne breakfast.

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A Walk in the Wild

You may never be closer to nature, at its most raw and unspoiled, than this... Imagine walking within a safe distance of impala herds, a family of zebra, and sometimes giraffes.

At the same time, a qualified, armed ranger and your guide explain the tracks, markings, droppings, and plant life that create the tableaux around you, with insights into how nature’s bounty provides food, medicine, and resources for tribal life.

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Spa treatments

After the rigors of being on safari, indulge in a spa treatment to soothe and restore. African Spa offers indigenous healing techniques, available in the privacy of your pavilion.

Spa treatments offer a complete sensory experience to enhance energy and promote wellness and healing. Steeped in ancient traditions and nature-based, our caring treatments will leave you refreshed and re-energized.


Farm—to—Table Dining Experience 

At Gibb's Farm—start your day with organic Arabica coffee, grown and roasted right on the farm, and a hearty farm breakfast. Midday, a farmhouse buffet offers a delectable array of foods to re-energize you, and in the afternoon, enjoy high tea in the garden with a delicious assortment of coffees, teas, fresh cream, and scones. In the evening, candle-lit dinners feature Chef de Cuisine Lisa Campbell’s English and Tanzanian—influenced cuisine and the opportunity to share the day’s experiences.

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Witnessing the Great Migration

Witness the thrilling spectacle of the Great Migration either crossing the Mara River on the northern Serengeti or giving birth in the Eastern Serengeti around the Ndutu plains.

Millions of wildebeest roam around the Serengeti and battle their way across the river current – often accompanied by zebra and on-looking hippos – offering an incredible spectacle for your game viewing.

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Al fresco Dining

Dine-in style in the African wilderness. With panoramic views at every turn – the sweeping plains, a wildlife watering hole, or the dramatic circular firepit.

The atmosphere at the outdoor dining venues is every bit as memorable as your expertly prepared African-inspired cuisine. We are at home within the splendor that is Africa.

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Capturing the moment

Manicured grassy plains, dotted acacia trees, the steep-sided escarpment, or the broad Mara River – breathtaking backdrops for photographers.

And each time offers something unique: storm clouds and lush green grass; the Great Migration crossings of the Grumet or Mara River; or a lion resting in the camouflaged dry grass

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Say “cheers” at sunset... as the warmth of the African day gives way to the cool of the evening, we experience a rare peace and beauty and find ourselves as one with the land and its inhabitants.

Imagine; just a few of you alone in your custom safari vehicle, lingering along an idyllic river filled with hippos bobbing and lumbering into the sunset while your safari guide prepares your preferred sundowner and regales guests with tales of Africa. Either way, we guarantee that bush cocktails will be a romantic and oh-so-delightful way to wind down a day on safari.


Custom Crafted Safaris

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    We expertly hand—craft your safari from the ground up – just like the tailor who precisely fits your suit and the chef who perfectly prepares your meals – with thoughtfulness, care, and undivided attention to detail. Every detail is considered

The Shrike Specialty Safaris

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    Our collection of transformative safaris, each proved to be exceptional in its style and includes extensive options and activities in every location, allowing you to customize your experience to match your own unique interests.