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Tanzania Safari Experiences

Any destination can be made to look good with a wide—angle lens and some nifty Photoshop skills. What really matters is the experience you have on your safari and with that in mind, we travel to each location we help you to make sure the service is impeccable and well worth your visit. Our safari specialists are experts in their field and with their up-to-date, intricate knowledge of the places you want to travel to, they are perfectly equipped to create your dream itinerary.
We love discovering new places, new experiences, and making them accessible to you. In a way that suits your needs. Our purpose is to create something completely unique for you, wherever you want to travel to, however you want to do it. There’s no off—the—shelf package service in this place because we know you’re unlikely to want it the way anybody else did. And why should you? This is your holiday, no—one else’s.

Over the years—nearly two decades of working with hundreds [if not thousands] of travelers who have been telling us we provided exceptionally Once—In—A—Lifetime Experience Shrike has accumulated specialist level knowledge in the following interests:—



We know what it takes to make sure both a 3 year old niece and 80-year-old grandparents enjoy the experience just as much as each other.



From brooding teenager to buoyant tot; everyone loves the zoo. We suggest taking your family outing up a notch by embarking on a safari.


We’ve been crafting dream itineraries for newly married couples for years. It’s one of the most rewarding and exciting trips we love to create.



We’ve even got some quick do’s and don’t's for the grooms out there needing some guidance… (First tip: don’t panic).



No package deals and off-the-shelf trodden paths; we will create that once-in-a-lifetime safari to fit your every need.



Putting together the perfect trek is what we do best, and with Shrike, you have a nearly 100% success rate.



Our safari specialists have experienced the thrills and challenges of solo travel. Collating all of this knowledge and crafting trips for the intrepid solo traveler has produced some of our most immersive and exciting itineraries.



At Shrike, our passion is creating inspired and unique birding safaris to the very best bird-watching locations.



Whether it’s the BIG 5, Great migration, or landscapes that you’re looking for, we've got the inside track and expertise to help you make the most out of your photography trip.



No matter what the size or the occasion, we’re well versed in taking larger groups of people away for those special adventures.