We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

The Shrike DNA

"We Care, Personally, and Deeply...

...is more than just our slogan—it is the Shrike DNA and the way of our life that we always feel in our bones and blood, so it's the way we will treat you and all of our guests.

Mark Madola—the Founder of Shrike

The Shrike DNA—as so many have called it—is best expressed in the stories of actual guests. The people who normally arrive as our guests on our safaris and/ or Kilimanjaro treks in Tanzania and leave as our friends.

Like a small group of friends who were trekking Mount Kilimanjaro with Shrike. They mentioned that they enjoyed having eggs for their breakfast. Knowing they were too fragile to be carried with any of the other materials, Shrike brought an extra porter along just to carry the eggs.
Or the guests who had mentioned how they were missing going to church while on their safari. When they returned to Arusha city after their safari, they found a car and driver waiting for them. Mark had made special arrangements for them to visit the local church.
Or one of our guests who happened to buy the wrong size pants in Zanzibar Island. Merely mentioning it in passing, he was surprised to find the same pants waiting for him when he arrived at Four Seasons Safari Lodge in the Serengeti. "...except this pair fit perfectly."
There are countless examples like this—the real-life stories that make up the Shrike DNA. Often, guests write to thank us...but of course, no thanks are needed. This is just the way we do things. We simply are not happy unless our guests are ecstatic—and that’s part of our DNA and a commitment we make every day, every hour, and every minute with every guest… so that the stories continue and we can't wait to hear your story too...


Mark, the Shrike founder, and our over—active, inspirational director. He won’t rest if he thinks that even one of our guests is displeased. And, for nearly two decades of leading Shrike, he has infused every employee at Shrike with the Shrike DNA—his personal passion and dedication to being the best in the safari industry by organizing everything down to the very last detail ...and, without fear of exaggeration, it’s probably safe to say that he has now, officially, succeeded..!

We want you to come back with a true African experience that you’ll be boasting about to your friends around the dinner table for years.

Discover the Shrike DNA...

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Undivided attention to details

It's part of our DNA that we do not hesitate to get our hands dirty and immerse ourselves in your very last detail ...nothing is too little, and nothing is ever too much.

Even the smallest part of your adventure can be an opportunity for us to do something a little bit better, or even a lot better. For your convenience, we take care of the details —including non-smoking or smoking, dietary restrictions, allergies, etc... Just relax, have fun and enjoy your trip of a lifetime!

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More authentic local experience

SHRIKE is a family—owned and locally based Tanzanian company that exclusively harnesses local talent and knowledge to make your trip the best.

We are a homegrown local business that likes to keep things at the grassroots level—local guides, local culture, local knowledge, and local expertise. When you work with us, you are getting an authentic experience from Tanzanians themselves.

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Talented tour leaders/ guides

Our talented tour leaders and guides [fully immersed in creating value] are the "secret" and reason why Shrike is miles ahead of other local tour operators; there is NO comparison at any level.

They inherit the Shrike DNA—shaping and making them the difference between an average safari… and a SHRIKE safari, an ordinary tour guide... and a Shrike—extraordinary tour guide...

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NO two safaris have ever been the same. NEVER!

We believe that no two travelers and no two experiences are the same, even having close similarities between our travelers does not mean that the feelings are the same...

Every trip we organize includes extensive options and activities in every location, allowing you to customize your experience to match your own unique interests.

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Changing Lives in Tanzania

We are committed to supporting orphaned and destitute children to get the education, that can change their lives and community.

We believe that your safari should make the world a better place and that it's our responsibility to give back to the community we live in.

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1—on—1 Handling

Do not restrict your expectations...Your safari guide and leader will go not one or two but many extra miles to put you at the heart of the experience and make sure that your trip has a personal touch and is UNIQUE in every taste...

Because of how much attention and love we put into each trip; we have to limit the number of safaris we work on at any given time which enables us to devote all our energy to crafting one—off experiences for our guests.

For this reason, we organize only a few trips at a time. We give every trip our full attention and this helps us to assure the success of your trip—and, more importantly, provide you with the most exclusive and exceptional experiences that will leave memories in your heart forever.


Little Surprises
Special Events
Extra Touches

We are delighted to offer a host of little extras to make a trip with Shrike an exceptional lifetime experience. We’d love to tell you more about those, but we’d hate to ruin the surprise. Just trust us—we’ve done this before. However, if you are more interested to know, I may share with you just one of them—The SUNDOWNER... To the uninitiated, it may be difficult to envision the exceptional treat in store. But for old Africa hands, it is one of the golden joys of safari life...

Perfect location, Perfect team, Perfect sunset.

Unforgettable hour, a Cocktail hour, a Happy hour.



During your safari with Shrike, you will often hear the Swahili word Karibu expressing the genuine, innate pleasure we take in welcoming you—an attribute at the heart of our hospitality.

Margreth MapesaCFO of Shrike and the founding member.

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