"We Care, Personally, and Deeply" ...is more than just our slogan—it is the Shrike DNA and the way of our life that we always feel in our bones and blood, so it's the way we treat you and all of our guests. 

Mark Madola—the Founder of Shrike

The Shrike DNA—as so many have called it—is best expressed in the stories of actual guests. The people who normally arrive as our guests on our authentic safaris in Tanzania—East Africa, and leave as our friends.
Like a small group of friends who were trekking Mount Kilimanjaro with Shrike. They mentioned that they enjoyed having eggs for their breakfast. Knowing they were too fragile to be carried with any of the other materials, Shrike brought an extra porter along just to carry the eggs.
Or the guests who had mentioned how they were missing going to synagogue while on their safari. When they returned to Arusha city after their safari, they found a car and driver waiting for them. Mark Madola had made special arrangements for them to visit the local synagogue.
Or one of our guests who happened to buy the wrong size pants in Zanzibar Island. Merely mentioning it in passing, he was surprised to find the same pants waiting for him when he arrived at Four Seasons Lodge in the Serengeti. "...except this pair fit perfectly."
There are countless examples like this—the real-life stories that make up the Shrike DNA. Often, guests write to thank us...but of course, no thanks are needed. This is just the way we do things. We simply are not happy unless our guests are ecstatic—and that’s part of our DNA and a commitment we make every day, with every guest… so that the stories continue and we can't wait to hear your story too...


Mark Madola—the Father of Shrike

Mark, the company founder, and our over—active, inspirational director, currently living in Mwanza city. He won’t rest if he thinks that even one of our guests is displeased. And, for nearly two decades of leading Shrike, he has infused every employee at Shrike with the Shrike DNA—his personal passion and dedication to being the best in the safari and Kilimanjaro trek business by offering authentic and personalized experiences. And, without fear of exaggeration, it’s probably safe to say that he has now, officially, succeeded!


Some moments in life can only be enjoyed once... like starting school, landing a dream job, building your dream house, or marrying 'the one'... An adventure with Shrike Safaris is another ONCE—IN—A—LIFETIME moment... it's an opportunity to explore and experience uniquely the natural attractions of the World including the legendary Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater... or a trek to Mount Kilimanjaro. You automatically unplug from your daily life and immerse yourself in the sounds and sights of the wildest Africa.

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You Deserve Insider Experiences—Beyond Guide Books...

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    Explore Tanzania with us, local Tanzanians who share our stories, our sights, and our local favorites never found in any guidebooks. And with the custom approach in everything we do, selection of personally tested safaris, and Kilimanjaro treks, you’ll find awe—inspiring experiences around every corner..!

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Once—In—A—Life Experience that is as unique as you are...

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    Here at SHRIKE, we believe that our safaris like our guests are UNIQUE. We do a lot to make sure that your safari is as rewarding and enlightening as hoped it would be. And that starts with our personal un-rushed approach. This personal touch ensures you get to fully experience all these incredible places and moments, and fully take in the wisdom and information shared by our expert guides...

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See Tanzania through the eyes of local Tanzanians...

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    SHRIKE is a locally-based Tanzanian company that exclusively harnesses local talent and knowledge to make our trips the best in the business. We are a homegrown local business that likes to keep things at the grassroots level—local guides, local culture, local knowledge, and local expertise. Unlike many tour operators (especially in the US & Europe). When you work with us, you are getting an AUTHENTIC Tanzania experience from Tanzanians themselves.


Professional Kilimanjaro Mountain Guide

A mountain guide's knowledge, sensitivity, and good humor are some of the most essential elements of a successful Kilimanjaro trek.

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    All of Shrike Safaris’ mountain guides both head guides and assistant guides have through Wilderness First Responder (WFR) training. They also hold KINAPA certificates and regularly attend refresher training in first-aid, emergency procedures, and in-house training with our chefs, porters, and camp crews. They are all local Tanzanians, many of whom have grown up and live around the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. They have decades of experience between them and a wealth of unique knowledge and are always available to answer any question you might have whether in a group setting or one—on—one.


Top—notch Local Safari Guide

And quite simply, Shrike safari guides are always the best. We don't say so... our passengers do..! They rave about every one of them.

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    SHRIKE believes that a safari guide is a golden key to a great safari. We select our safari guides for their discerning eye for even the smallest detail, as well as for their sincere friendliness and dedication to personal service—ensuring an incomparable wildlife experience in an atmosphere of warm hospitality. It is particularly heartwarming that so many returning guests pen long letters of praise for their safari guide, each guest thinking that their particular guide must certainly have been the best in the company!


Selected with Care—Tented Camps | Safari Lodges

While others seek out lodges and camps that offer the greatest luxury, SHRIKE looks for lodges/ tented camps that provide you with a bit more: a unique personality, a high level of service and friendliness, and a setting that is unequaled. 

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    SHRIKE carefully hand-pick the accommodations based on the quality service, availability of wild animals in the pristine wilderness area. Some of our safaris include the most beautiful lodges and tented camps NOT known yet by Conde Nast Traveler or Travel + Leisure. No matter how remote you’re; we always make sure you've whatever you need. From specific medical requirements to dietary needs, we have got you covered. We also offer exclusive-use homes/ villas in Africa’s most sought-after sanctuaries providing the utmost privacy, comfort, and seclusion.

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Quite simply—we, locals know how to get things done specifically for you...

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    SHRIKE can take you to absolutely sensational locations that are off-limits to most travelers and reward you with a—kind—of—experience that will change your life forever... 
    Our years of experience and our local expertise and connections allow us to take you places most other travelers simply cannot go—it's like having a "backstage pass" to the world! We offer you trips that take you past typical tourist destinations and immerse you in the world of nature, culture, and the true Tanzanian experience.

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An Adventure with Shrike = Makes a BIG Difference ​to Lives of Orphaned/ Destitute Children in Tanzania.

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    Shrike Safaris is not only committed to the provision of wonderful safaris and Kilimanjaro treks but also believes passionately in the need to support local people. We think the combination of helping vulnerable children and a trip to Tanzania is an unbeatable combination for our kind-hearted guests.


Whether you are climbing the Kilimanjaro or enjoying game viewing in the Serengeti; you will never be rushed from one location to another. Instead, we will move at your pace and only move on when YOU’RE ready. Extra time to capture those awe-inspiring photos?... No problem. Some alone time and solitude in the middle of nowhere?... Of course. Quality time spent searching for BIG 5?... Our pleasure. Or maybe you are a birder?...you can tell by our name—SHRIKE, we are passionate about birds.


We offer authentic safaris lead by the award-winning, local safari and mountain guides who customize every last detail of your adventure with consideration for ethics and conservation—making your trip a hosted adventure with a difference..! 
We exude charm and wit and offer a wealth of knowledge, from the BIG 5 to little-known hideaways that promise to delight. We also give a chance to our guests to guide the process, telling us exactly what you would like to see and do, or you can leave some of the creativity up to us.

We always keep them the secrets... 

Little Surprises
Special Events
Extra Touches

Every safari offered by Shrike includes one of the exceptional events and unexpected surprises that we always keep a secret... but today I would like to share with you just one of them— The SUNDOWNER. To the uninitiated, it may be difficult to envision the exceptional treat in store. But for old Africa hands, it is one of the golden joys of safari life... 


The perfect location is carefully scouted; requirements include a panoramic western view of the sunset, preferably with idyllic foothills in the distance. And in the Serengeti, the affair is elaborately prepared. Supply trucks laden with tables, chairs, linen, china, silver, drinks, light food, and flowers (for honeymooners) drive deep into the savannah for your exclusive bush party.

And as you conclude the afternoon game run, they divert from the route back to the lodge, ...a spectacular and most unexpected scene awaits your arrival. Tables, chairs, and uniformed waiters at attention surrounded only by deep bush. Cocktails are being served. Panoramic views of the plains are breathtaking as the flaming African sun sinks slowly beneath the horizon. 



We had an incredible safari with Shrike Safaris! Henry, our private local safari guide went out of his way to make this safari a memorable experience for me... He was knowledgeable and more attentive and told us a lot of interesting stories about the life of local people, the African ecosystem, animals, etc...

Quannetta Edwards (Tucker), PhDProfessor at Western University of Health Sciences, California, US