The Great Migration Safari

Africa’s greatest wildlife spectacle. Join Us To Witness Them 2021-2022

The Great Migration Safari

On the endless plains of the Serengeti and deep into the spotted land of the Masai Mara the most massive animal herds on the planet move in a never-ending natural pattern in response to an undeniable imperative - the need to find fresh, nourishing grazing. This exceptional natural phenomenon is renowned as Africa’s greatest wildlife spectacle. The thundering hooves of the herds and the enormous clouds of fine red dust they leave in their wake have become an icon of East African safari.  
Throughout your safari you'll be traversing the vast eastern Serengeti - Ngorongoro plains and savanna woodland to search out everything from hungry crocodiles waiting for the mass wildebeest migration to cross the River, lions stalking their prey to leopards resting lazily on tree branches. Nights are spent at luxury, safari-style tented camps, completely surrounded by herds of zebras and wildebeest. Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater are homes to the 'Big Five,' as well as cheetahs, hyenas, crocodiles, and much more...

Great Migration Movements

One of the greatest natural spectacles in the world, the annual movement of massive herds of wildebeest continues year-round in Tanzania's Serengeti National Park and Kenya Masai Mara National Reserve. Please remember that the migration is weather-specific, and depends on the rain and when the animals decide to start the trek from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara or vice versa. As it can be difficult to pinpoint exact times, we suggest you reach out to Shrike's safari specialists in planning your departure dates.

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For the wildebeest, only one place is truly home - the short grass plains of the southern Serengeti, from Lake Ndutu to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This is where they are born and where they seek to return whenever there is plentiful grazing. From December up to March, once the November rains create ample grazing, up to two million wildebeest can be found here.

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The herds disperse throughout the central Serengeti, heading mostly in a north-western direction, towards the Western Corridor and the Grumeti River. Some will travel directly north, towards Seronera, while a few leave the Serengeti altogether.

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The wildebeest encounter the first major obstacle in their quest—the Grumeti River. In dry years, the river is reduced to a series of pools and the herds can easily pick their way between the hippos and crocodiles in their depths. In wet years, the wildebeest are forced to plunge headfirst into waters inhabited by some of Africa's largest crocodiles.

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The herds head north towards the lush plains of the northern Serengeti. The next set of spectacular river crossings takes place at the Mara River any time between July and October. Hundreds of thousands of wildebeest may congregate on the banks of the river, gazing dreamily at the green grass on the other side but not one will make a move.

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Most of the wildebeest are now in Kenya's Masai Mara, although some still remain in the Serengeti. As the rains shift from east to west, the herds may cross the Mara River repeatedly, following the life—giving rains and the green grass that springs up after them.

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The herds now return to the place of their birth, the grassy plains of the southern Serengeti. Unlike their previous movements, the wildebeest do not wander off in smaller groups, but depart suddenly in a concerted movement, arriving in the south within just a few weeks.

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By mid—December almost two million wildebeest will have returned to the short grass plains of the southern Serengeti.

What is your preferred time to Witness the Great Migration Movements.

Experience the wonder and immensity of the Great Migration on the vast plains of the Serengeti—witness great numbers of wildebeest calves being born within the space of a few weeks or watch in breathless wonder as the massed herds plunge into the swirling waters of the Mara or Grumeti Rivers.



River Crossing | Great Migration Safari

Starting at US Dollar 8 898 Per Person



Calving Season | Great Migration Safari

Starting at US Dollar 9 898 Per Person


INCLUSIONSWhat we'll Provide for you...

  • Gratuities

    Gratuities included for meals and porterage even substantial ones to your Safari Guide and Safari Leader from beginning to end of your safari and you won’t be “nickel and dimed” for WIFI, tips at the lodges, drinks, and laundry; all that’s left for you to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy...

  • Dining Experience

    From the moment that we pick you up until the moment of your reluctant departure, all meals and beverages (including soft drinks, house wines, well spirits, and local beers) are provided as part of our all-inclusive safari cost—an extravagant saving and an enormous convenience.
    The quality of the cuisine in lodges and camps is also superb. Meats, vegetables, and fruit arrive daily, fresh from the rich farmlands in Mwanza or Arusha. Early riser’s coffee is served before the sunrise game drive, followed by abundant breakfast buffets, luncheons on the veranda, and a formal afternoon tea. Dinners are fashionably late following the return of the afternoon game drive, allowing time for relaxation and “sundowners” in the lounge or around the campfire.

  • Guaranteed Departure

    Once a full payment or a 30% deposit has been made for this safari your trip will depart as scheduled, we will never cancel for any reason other than Force Majeure. Your departure is guaranteed 100% No surcharge or supplemental cost ever imposed.

  • Scheduled Domestic Flights

    An unprecedented three time—saving flight makes travel between reserves a seamless joy.

  • Seriously Stress—free Safari

    ● National park fee● Government taxes● Snacks and refreshments en route● Transfers to and from your hotel and airport.

  • Emergency medical evacuation service

    This assures Shrike guests in the wilderness area of prompt medical attention and air transportation to the nearest medical facility in the unlikely event that an emergency should arise. However, this should NOT replace your travel insurance.
    Moreover, when you travel with Shrike, you are assured of the services of the Flying Doctors, a group of well—qualified physicians who travel by aircraft throughout the bush to provide treatment and transportation in East Africa.

  • Touching Lives of Forgotten Local Community

    A safari with us helps to change the lives of destitute and orphaned children in Tanzania.

  • Top—notch Local Safari Leader and Safari Guide

    Enjoy the services of a highly—credentialed Safari Leader, as well as a Safari Guide during your safari.

  • The Finest and Well—equipped 4x4 Safari Vehicle

    Our safari vehicles are also outfitted with ice chests stocked with ample bottled water and soft drinks. Binoculars—one for each traveler—is also available to Shrike guests in the bush, as well as a safari library of field guides to aid in your understanding of the flora and fauna of each region and bean bags for stabilizing long lenses.

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1. Four Seasons Lodge - Serengeti

A luxurious safari lodge situated in the breathtaking Serengeti National Park. The lodge offers secluded private villas for both honeymooners and family or group of friends.


2. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge - Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge has been called the game lodge at the top of the world.


3. Gibbs Farm - Ngorongoro Highland

Fresh food, fresh air, and fresh perspectives abound at Gibb’s Farm (a three-time Travel + Leisure Top Safari Lodge in Africa).


4. Lake Manyara Tree Lodge - Lake Manyara

This remote lodge blends intimacy and romance in cool, leafy surrounds. Spacious bedrooms float in a sea of green, with generous decks and massive windows opening up to the lush forest.


5. Nyaruswiga Safari Camp - Serengeti

The “ultra-luxury” Nyaruswiga Safari Camp offers top-tier amenities and spa services in the heart of the central Serengeti.


6. Tarangire Tree-Top - Tarangire

Tarangire Treetops sits secluded in a private game reserve bordering Tarangire National Park and the Maasai Steppe. It offers spectacular views of Lake Manyara, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the beautiful Rift Valley wall.


7. Arusha Coffee Lodge - Arusha city

The aptly named Arusha Coffee Lodge lies hidden amongst the sprawling grounds of Tanzania’s largest coffee plantation, set below the rugged peaks of Mt Meru.


8. Melia Serengeti - Serengeti

Elegant rooms inspired by Masai traditions with colonial details. Get the celebrity treatment with the world-class service at Melia Serengeti Lodge.


9. The Residence Hotel - Zanzibar Island

The property is situated within a lush, forested 32-hectare estate where five-star luxuries sit harmoniously alongside nature's untouched beauty.