Sunrise Experiences

Choices for sunrise experiences might include early morning game viewing or a hot–air balloon safari with a great view or perhaps a walking safari, or sleeping in and catching them later ...even much later!

Hot-air Balloon Safari

Float over the game-filled plains in a hot-air balloon at sunrise with the endless plains of the Serengeti stretching out below. This is an unmatched safari – even the lions look up in surprise as you sail on by... descend and enjoy a Champagne breakfast in the bush.

Early Morning Game Drive

Be the first down into the endless savannah plains of the legendary Serengeti, just as the sun comes up. The light is beautiful and the nocturnal predators like lions and leopards are wrapping up their nightly pursuits

Take a walk this morning.

Breakfast is not to be missed – ever – and then pay a visit to the bush. Time to stretch a leg after spending days on safari? There are many lovely walks from which to choose – from a gentle amble around the camp/ lodge to a more strenuous hike along the savannah plains

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