We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

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Conquer the roof of Africa—Mt. Kilimanjaro with Inno...

I have the first—hand experience in all the routes to Uhuru Peak. I am a trekking specialist who actively treks myself.

I am Innocent. A family man who has a genuine love for Kilimanjaro treks, hunger for adventure, and addiction to trekking in comfort and style. I have been planning amazing treks to Mount Kilimanjaro for more than 2 decades. Our goal at Shrike is to make sure that the route you choose fits your personality and requirements. What makes me different than most other Kilimanjaro trek advisors is that I've first—hand expertise in all the routes to the roof of Africa. I am a trek advisor who actively treks myself.

Kilimanjaro Treks Specialist...

Innocent's Top 3 Kilimanjaro Trek Routes

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    The Northern Circuit is Shrike's newest route on Kilimanjaro. We take 11 days to traverse the entire mountain, trekking over the untouched northern slopes. On this track, the views are nothing short of spectacular and unpopulated; it is true wilderness, and rarely trekked. Because of the longer duration, you will acclimatize well, making your summit easier, and truly rewarding.

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    Machame is one of the older and more popular routes on Kilimanjaro. It is for physically fit people with some hiking experience. Because of its popularity, Machame gets incredibly crowded especially during the high seasons. On this route, we start our summit climb at midnight.

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    The Lemosho route is preferred by most Shrike trekkers. It is a longer route, allowing trekkers to acclimatize more readily to the altitude. This extra time increases enjoyment, and your chances of summiting. Lemosho is also one of the more scenic routes up Kilimanjaro and does NOT require a midnight summit ascent. A daytime summit is much preferred, as climbers avoid the crowds at the summit.



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He will then craft and send you a detailed itinerary based on your interest, preferences and wishes as mentioned on the custom form.

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He closely work with you to fine-tune the itinerary until it exactly suits well with your style and wishes.


He confirms the availability and ask you to lock in your trip with only 30% deposit and then pay the rest in instalments, with no interest or fees.

Thank you for everything you and your team did to help us have an unforgettable and amazing honeymoon! We really had a great time in all 3 phases (Kilimanjaro, Safari, and Zanzibar)! The guides, drivers, and all staff were extremely professional and it was the exact trip of a lifetime we were hoping for! Everything did work out wonderfully and we've already mentioned you to a few friends that were inspired by our trip and will continue to speak very highly of Shrike Safaris and Tanzania as a whole!

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An Adventurous at Heart

Tanzania is my motherland; we know Tanzania photography safaris better than anyone else even Google can't compete with me, yes! And, we do offer a way to experience photography in Tanzania ethically, comfortably, and intimately.


I'll offer you choices, flexibility, accomplished guides, and local experts on every stage of the planning until we make the final itinerary. I will expertly craft a custom trek specifically for you from start to finish.

Attention to Detail

It's part of the Shrike DNA to get my hands dirty and immerse myself into your last details. Apart from the custom approach, the charm and wit behind the Shrike success is scrupulous attention to detail in everything that we do. Everything we discuss is tailored for you

We are 100% Committed

Once I have planned your itinerary down to the last detail, so we are not deviating from it, even for a second! I and our talented safari guides will deliver on our promises, inclusions, meals, activities, accommodations, a trekking route, and guiding as I have planned.


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Before you ask Innocent to organize a Tanzania safari for you; you must understand that this is only for travelers serious about exploring this part of the World they have dreamt of... If you are looking for the cheapest Tanzania safari or want to make your a safari on the back of poorly paid mountain guides and porters or you think that a budget of $ 200 is somehow going to turn your safari into A—Life—Changing—Experience... please don’t waste our time; Shrike is not the right agency for you.

But if you are ready to perfectly plan your African safari, get in touch with Innocent—An adventurous at heart and highly trained Kilimanjaro treks specialist. He will tailor a safari itinerary specifically for you.By the way, we recommend you reach out to Innocent ASAP as he organizes only a few trips at a time. He gives each trip his full attention and this helps him to assure the success of each trip—and, more importantly, your complete satisfaction.

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We're here to help you 24/7. We never Sleep. NEVER!

+255 688 613 152


We're here to help you 24/7. We never Sleep. NEVER!