The Shrike Specialty Safaris Bringing you Behind the Scenes. Each safari is not only exceptional in its style but also closely connected to Shrike's DNA and has a small number of like—minded participants varying from as few as 4 guests (and what service!) to an average of 6—believed to be the smallest group in the industry. As a result, we guarantee you 1-on-1 (or close to) handling, close-up wild animal encounters, and most importantly a lower-impact presence on Tanzania's vital natural places that we treasure.  
The Shrike Specialty Safaris are Exceptional World’s Best Small—Group Safaris. Participating in one of these safaris is all about immersing yourselves in NATURE and discovering yourself... you reawaken your soul and get connected to the pristine wilderness areas— while enjoying the peace of mind safari
As a locally-based tour operator, we are able to turn any one of The Shrike Specialty Safaris into a completely private safari in order to suit well with your safari needs, personal style, and preference—with your own extended safari vehicles and a top—notch safari guide specifically for you. We are not restricted by set safari routes that other foreign-based companies often have to abide by.

It’s important to you that all our specialty safaris are “all inclusive” and you won’t be “nickel and dimed” for WIFI, tips at the lodges, drinks, and laundry; just relax and enjoy as we create moments of awe and beauty that take your breath away...




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    Tanzania inspired by Travel + Leisure featuring all those perennial accommodations that regularly appear in the Travel + Leisure World’s Best List of African Safari Lodges. Simply stated, travelers on safari are voicing an astonishingly high level of satisfaction with their arrangements. More so, it would seem, than anywhere else in the world. It would be easy, therefore, to envision a “World’s Best Trip” if such a contest were ever to exist. One would select Shrike - Tanzania’s # 1 Best Safari Operator to handle all travel arrangements, and only include stays at lodges ranked highly on the World’s Best List. Which, we are pleased to say, is exactly the trip we have designed here!​

9—Day SafariTanzania—Arusha | Tarangire | Ngorongoro Crater | Serengeti

Small-Group US Dollar 8 998 Per Person Private US Dollar 10 550 Per Person



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    This safari takes you back to 1909 when Teddy Roosevelt traveled to East Africa. The rest is history— a century ago. Today SHRIKE offers the same experience through your camera lens. The safari incorporates an emphasis on the most authentic African adventure and a raw wilderness experience through ultimate game viewing, exclusive tented accommodation, and hot-air balloon ride, and other planned adventures.

12—Day SafariTanzaniaArusha | Tarangire | Ngorongoro Crater | SerengetiKenyaNairobi | Masai Mara
Small-Group—US Dollar 15 745 Per Person Private—US Dollar 17 996 Per Person



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    The Sky Is Not The Limit Safari includes all the qualities found in the company’s acclaimed wildlife safaris and beach holidays but includes other intriguing elements for a different but just as exclusive LIFE—CHANGING experience far from the pith-helmeted crowds. Sought-after locations, instinctive attention to detail, and the utmost privacy underpin every stay. We will closely work with you to create exceptional experiences that meet your personal interest, preference, and energy levels, day—by—day, hour—by—hour.
    Executive Private Jet, 7—Night Safari with overnights stay at the secluded Four Seasons Presidential Villa, and 5—Night Beach holiday at secluded Thanda Island for complete Indian Ocean exclusivity. During your stay in the Serengeti, you will fly to Ngorongoro Crater for a Full—Day Safari and meet with KopeLion Team, a beneficiary of the Lion Recovery Fund that ensures that the living ‘Lion King’ story is continued for our children’s children... On this safari, we are paying tribute to the new Lion King and to #ProtectThePride—Disney’s campaign in support of the Lion Recovery Fund, a global organization dedicated to the future of Africa’s wild lions. Be informed that since the release of the original Lion King, the population of wild lions in Africa has decreased by 50% :(

14—Day Executive Private Jet Safari & Private Island HolidayTanzania—Dar es salaam | Serengeti | Ngorongoro CraterZanzibar Island—Thanda Private Island
US Dollar 249 997 Per Group (1—4) Guests US Dollar 295 000 Per Group (5—7) Guests


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These short safaris are well crafted to meet the requirements of guests who have limited time but still want to explore Tanzania's adventurous national parks.

From as few as 1 to 7—Day Safari to:-● Serengeti ● Ngorongoro Crater● Tarangire ● and more...