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We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!


This is the largest island in Lake Victoria famous for cultural tours. Visit Handebezyo Museums and the vast, unspoiled beaches that surround for the perfect Tanzanian holiday.


The park protects precious fish-breeding grounds for tilapia and rapacious Nile perch. Some fish weighing more than 100 kg. tempt recreational fishermen with challenging sport fishing and world record catches. The park provides a variety of habitats ranging from savannah to open woodland, dense forest, papyrus swamps, and sandy beaches. Having indigenous and introduced mammal species, the national park is also a birders paradise. Birds from East, Central, and Southern Africa flock to “Bird Island” to breed.

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The Bujora Sukuma museums exhibit and commemorate the tradition and culture of the Sukuma, the largest tribe in Tanzania. Review ancient artifacts and experience the thrill of learning a new culture at this must-see destination.