We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

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SHRIKE = /SHrik/

...a songbird with a sharply hooked bill within the 31-species family of Laniidae.

Hi. I’m Mark Madola James—A safarist, naturalist, and explorer at heart... if we are getting formal, I'm the Founder of SHRIKE.
Let’s not beat around the bush here... you’re on this page because you want to plan your safari or a trek to Mount Kilimanjaro and I'm delighted to help you plan it accordingly.
Not hear my life story...However, if you are more interested in that and I’m exalted to share with you, then...


I started SHRIKE a little in 2007 after a personal birding trip, I was in a cool, breezy cave, watching a bird [Northern White—Crowned Shrike], that the idea for Shrike Safaris was born. Shrike has passed a long way since its beginnings in 2007. The company in Tanzania is celebrating its 15th year of Tanzania safari and Kilimanjaro trek operating... we are a family—owned safari company back then as we still are today. I established Shrike Safaris with the mission of sharing the diverse landscape, cultures, and wildlife of my country, Tanzania with other local and international travelers...

Shrike Safaris is also unique in that we specialize exclusively in Tanzania. Our intention has always been to offer the most enlightening, exclusive, and personalized safaris and/ or Kilimanjaro treks possible while sharing the beauty and simplicity of nature with other local and international travelers.

Mark Madola—CEO and Founder of Shrike Safaris

How we can help you plan your adventure...

We know Tanzania. After all, Tanzania is our homeland and what we know and love best. We are born here and we live here to this day... we've focused exclusively on Tanzania safaris. The reason is simple: we had no interest in spreading ourselves thin over multiple destinations. Instead, we wanted to put down roots, fully experience one fascinating destination, and then pass our unrivaled knowledge on to our guests.
We might be biased, but we think that on your trip with Shrike, you'll experience Tanzania (and its spectacular wildlife viewing, diverse cultural offerings, and stunning natural beauty) better than with anyone else.
We have explored many corners of this incredible land over many decades from Mount Kilimanjaro—the roof of Africa and the endless plains of the Serengeti to Zanzibar Island, Mafia and Pemba, Nyerere National Park—the largest in Africa, and other hidden places that no one has ever Instagrammed, we are still exploring..!

Meet your Tanzanian hosts


At Shrike, you are no longer just a tourist. Our guides provide personalized and unique attention and experiences during your safari. By the time you leave, you will feel as if you have a second home in Tanzania.

Margreth Mapesa—Chief Financial Officer and founding member

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As the founder, Mark is responsible for strategic planning, business growth, and maintaining our culture of operations excellence and superior customer service. He founded Shrike Safaris in July 2007 where he gained experience in African safaris, Kilimanjaro treks, and beach holidays.

Mark MadolaFounder and Director of Growth at Shrike

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As a chief financial officer, Margreth Mapesa is responsible for financial reporting, budgeting, and analysis. With more than 30 years of experience in finance, Margreth has played an integral role in managing and establishing strategic policies and procedures for Shrike Safaris. She brings in more than 15 years of financial leadership experience specific to the safari industry and is a founding member of the Shrike Safaris executive team.

Mark MadolaCFO and Founding member at Shrike 

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His unique experience and in-depth knowledge of Kilimanjaro treks have helped hundreds of adventure seekers in Tanzania. He is a Board Member of the Community Aids Action Group (CAAG) in Bloomington, Indiana. And, is the founder of two Organizations, Kilimanjaro Education Outreach (KILEO) and Friends of Children with Cancer-Tanzania (FoCC).

Walter MiyaCEO and Founding member at Shrike 

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A safarist at heart — Bob has nearly two decades of experience in African safaris ...Bob's office is a constant flurry of activity, his MacBook housing hundreds of different itineraries, the safari dreams of our guests. He personifies everything that makes Shrike Safaris so special—which is why it's no surprise that he managed to win the Shrike Company's Legacy Award 10 years in a row.

Bob HenryCOO at Shrike 


Meet Sarafina, director of customer service, as he works through a daily barrage of phone calls and emails, she admits that she’s a terrible typist, but a master of the phones, and has even taken calls from our guests at 2 AM.


Paul Mwala

Tanzania Safaris & Kilimanjaro Treks Specialist, 18 years of experience

Paul is the first safari guide to work with Shrike. He loves to meet interesting people from all over the world. He spends his spare time exploring hidden places in Tanzania and then shares them with our guests.

Languages: English

Robert Henry

Head of Guides, 20 years of experience

Robert Henry is a founding member of Shrike. For nearly two decades, he has been a leading light to our safari and mountain guides specifically the new employees. He believes that a safari/ mountain guide is the golden key to a great adventure.

Languages: English


Verah Laiser

Private Jet Safaris Specialist10 years of experience

Verah joined the tribe of Shrike in early 2012. She is an expert at crafting Private Jet safari. She knows all the gems and the best sights to explore both in East and Southern Africa

Languages: English, Spanish


Bazza Miya

Tanzania Safaris Specialist, 13 years of experience

Bazza is the founding member of Shrike. He is always very friendly and his attention to detail is outstanding. He is a superstar at crafting private jet safari in Africa.

Languages: English, Spanish


Denis Ngemela

Photography & Filming Safari Specialist12 years of experience

Denis joined our team as photography and filming safari specialist. He is always very friendly and very attentive to our guests to help them get a memorable safari experience specifically in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.

Languages: English, French


Innocent Kalikawe

Kilimanjaro Trek Specialist11 years of experience

Innocent is our licensed senior Kilimanjaro mountain guide with more than 10 years of Mount Kilimanjaro trekking experience under his belt.

Languages: English, Italian


Elihuruma Ntandu

Family Safari Specialist, 13 years of experience

Huruma has been with us for quite so long; his passion, enthusiasm, and skills make many people come back to him. This proves his true professionalism.

Languages: English.


Steve Mbwambo

Senior Safari and Kilimanjaro trek Guide, 11 years of experience

Steve is an asset of the company; he is committed to ensuring that every Kilimanjaro trek is seriously stress-free from day to day, hour to hour. He always inspires the camping crew to perform their job accordingly.

Languages: English, German

Emily Rweteshi

Senior Tour Guide, 12 years of experience

Emily is one of our experienced safari guides dedicated to each guest to ensure that every trip is seamless from start to finish. He is always in high spirits and inspires everybody in our team.

Languages: English, Spanish


Discover the Shrike DNA



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There is NO any hidden secret at all... it's the Shrike DNA — We Care, Personally and Deeply that makes us UNIQUE and the BEST in the industry.

Mr. Mark Madola—the founder of Shrike Safaris.