We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

We take the stress of planning a safari away from you ...just look forward to the trip of a lifetime.

Hassle—free planning for discerning safari-goers.

Updated: January 1, 2023


Stop Dreaming. Start Planning.

You have now taken the first step toward the most extraordinary experience of your life... Many travelers have dreamt of one day enjoying the World—class wildlife viewing in the legendary Serengeti, Masai Mara, or Ngorongoro Crater, or a beach holiday in Zanzibar Island... but because of lack of time or 'life' just getting in the way, few ever make it to these exceptional attractions in Africa.
But if you are reading these now that's probably not you, after all, you have moved beyond dreaming to searching... if you know now it's your time... and that you are ready to explore this part of the World you have dreamt of.
Planning the best African safari with an overload of information is real stress... it takes more than knowledge and experience. It takes time. That’s what we offer you and we really mean it; we take the time to listen to you and get to know your wishes and plans, then we design a trip for you that ticks every box. There’s no limit on the amount of time we’ll spend refining your itinerary with you until you’re completely satisfied, and we welcome you to ask for any number of tweaks and adjustments.
At SHRIKE we’re obsessed with making sure we provide you with a tailor-made holiday that is perfect down to the very last detail of yours and immerse you in the world of nature, culture, and the true African experience that you’ll be boasting about to your friends around the dinner table for years.

We customize your safari and take the stress of planning away from you so that you can just do what’s important, and that’s to look forward to the trip of a lifetime...

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We design ‘non—Googleable experience

With Shrike, no two safaris are the same; each safari is as unique as you are—this is what makes our custom safaris unbeatable. Because we know you’re unlikely to want it the way anybody else did. And why should you? This is your holiday, no one else’s.

Our purpose is to create something completely unique for you, whether you are a solo traveler, couple, family, or a group of friends planning a trek to Mount Kilimanjaro or witnessing the Great Migration in the Serengeti, or the BIG 5 safari in Ngorongoro Crater, or beach holiday in Zanzibar Island however you want to do it.


Ronald Fenty—Rihanna's father & his family, Barbados, US.

Outstanding in every possible way. Our safari guide went above and beyond to make sure we saw a lot of animals. The attention to detail is exceptional... I will come back to Africa for a more extended trip...

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Custom Itinerary—100% tailored for you

We've never devised the same safari twice. NEVER..! We build all our trips from the ground up – just like the tailor who fits your suit – with thoughtfulness, care, and undivided attention to detail. Nothing is too little, and nothing is ever too much.

...everyone at Shrike at every level does everything with a custom approach and, this begins from the very moment you inquire, continues throughout the design and booking process, all the way to the day we pick you up to the last day you say "goodbye" and well after you return from your trip.

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The Royal Treatment...

Creating exceptional experiences is at the core of everything that we do... enhance your trip with extra amenities, room upgrades, immediate check—in, exclusive access, and more from Shrike’s special perks and deals.

Every trip we offer is unmatched in its degree of included extras—from exceptional special events, and seriously stress—free, and educational enhancements to the myriad little luxuries lavished upon you throughout your trip.

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"WOW" moments Await..!

It's part of our DNA to create experiences of awe and amazement that take your breath away, make you laugh until your sides ache, and even cry a little when it's time for you to say goodbye...

We polish your trip with our secret little unexpected surprise and extra personal touches. And we always keep it a secret! Say, the light of the African sunset glints on your wine glass over a romantic sundowner is an experience you’ll never forget...

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Hand—picked Lodges & Tented Camps

We carefully select... lodges/ tented camps that provide you with a bit more: a unique personality, a high level of service and friendliness, and a setting that is unequaled.

No matter how remote you’re; we always make sure you've whatever you need... from specific medical requirements to dietary needs, we have got you covered.

We also offer exclusive—use properties like private villas, houses, and private islands in East Africa’s most sought-after sanctuaries providing the utmost privacy, comfort, and seclusion.

It's like you are watching a ...National Geographic documentary and you immensely get to be in it...

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Explore at 'Your Own Pace

Whether you are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or enjoying game viewing in the Serengeti; you will never be rushed from one location to another. Instead, we will move at your pace and only move on when YOU’RE ready.

Extra time to capture those awe-inspiring photos?... No problem. Some alone time and solitude in the middle of nowhere?... Of course. Quality time spent witnessing the Great Migration?... our pleasure. Or maybe you are a birder?...you can tell by our name — SHRIKE, we are passionate about birds.

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Off the 'Beaten Path' Experience

Your safari guide will take you to absolutely sensational locations that are off—limits to most travelers and reward you with an experience of its own kind...

​Every trip we organize can get you off the beaten path, explore behind the scenes, and enjoy authentic experiences that we, locals know and come away from the trip feeling enriched...

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Your Trip has an Impact

Changing Lives in Tanzania...Your Adventure with Shrike = Makes a BIG Difference ​to Lives of Orphaned/ Destitute Children in Tanzania.

We think the combination of helping vulnerable children and a trip to Tanzania is an unbeatable combination for our kind-hearted guests.


Undivided attention to detail...Shrike Safaris does everything with a custom approach... you will be away from the hordes, you will see larger packs of animals, you will have 1—on—1 handling, and you'll feel that they really care about you.

Mr. Charbel H. Tagher —President of Specified Technologies Inc.


Outstanding in every way..!My safari experience with Shrike was outstanding in every respect. I miss Tanzania, the beautiful people, and the wild animals there..!

Sara SidnerCNN's award—winning senior Correspondent


Wow! What a GREAT Trip!We had an incredible safari with Mark! It was an exceptional experience, I would highly recommend Shrike Safaris..!

Reid C. Thompson, M.DProfessor, Otolaryngology, US


We had an extraordinary safari with Shrike!Our trip was curated in a way that every stop offered something different and we have you to thank for that.Thank you for everything Mark.

Quannetta Edwards (Tucker), PhD—Professor at Western University of Health Sciences, California, US

What's your dream adventure..?

Secluded islands, vibrant wildlife, historic sites, or safari—the golden joys of Africa ...which adventure will be yours?

We want your safari to be exactly what you want it to be; as we believe that no two experiences are the same because no two requests are ever identical— we craft every trip to fit you in the snuggest way possible.



We always tailor your safari to the interests and ages of each family member (at no additional cost, of course).



When you want to get away for some alone time with your better half, East Africa is your haven.



If you are interested in the idea of getting married on safari, we would love to make it happen for you.



Get together your friends, gather the men, round up the women, and even organize a corporate trip.



We’re here to lend a helping hand to keep Granny and Grandad, the little ones, and everyone in between happy.


Solo Travel

Whenever you want some “me-time”, Shrike always delivers ..your safari guide will possibly end up as your dearest friend.


Specialty Group

Get together your friends, gather the men, round up the women, and even organize a corporate trip



As you can tell by our name — SHRIKE, we are passionate about birds. Founder, Mark Madola is a birding expert.