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Shrike Safaris

Cutting—edge Tanzania safaris for couple, family, small-group, and more...

Your dream safari.

We offer both small-group & custom safaris in East Africa especially in Tanzania since 2007. Each safari has proved to be exceptional in its design and style. Furthermore, you can bring your own plan and must see… we are very open to customizations and of course, offer great advice and expertise. Either way, we can help you achieve a ‘Once-In-A-Lifetime’ Experience  

I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that it's LIFE—CHANGING experience...

Reid C. Thompson, M.D — Professor, Otolaryngology, US

Shrike is undoubtedly the finest safari operator. The founder’s personal involvement, undivided attention to details and obvious love, distinguishes them…

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Top Safari Experiences


Your First Game Drive

The day is brand new. Dew is glistening on the grass, the sun is just beginning to grace the golden landscape. You sip a gourmet coffee, breathing in the fresh morning air. This is where it begins—the excitement of intertwined worlds, the bated-breath thrill of your first game drive. We might see a majestic lion scaling a tree. See a pod of hippos immersed in the river, or some crocodiles sunning on its bank. Impalas bounding through the plains and, perhaps, a leopard laying chase.


The Migration Extravaganza

Experience the thrilling spectacle of the Great Migration either crossing the Mara River on the northern Serengeti or giving birth in the Eastern Serengeti around the Ndutu plains. Millions of wildebeest roam around the Serengeti and battle their way across the river current – often accompanied by zebra and on-looking hippos – offering an incredible spectacle for your game viewing.

Hot-air Balloon Safari

The sun rises, a candle burning through the gauzy clouds, illuminating the broad lands below. You glide over the denizens of the bush—a group of strolling giraffes, grazing zebras, wildebeest ramming their heads in a battle of wills. Here, with an angel’s-eye view of a heavenly landscape, time stands still… even as Africa’s timeless drama plays out below.

Eventually (likely against your pleadings) the pilot lands the balloon softly on the grass, where a champagne breakfast awaits. It is the perfect end to a transcendental experience… and yet your day will have only just begun.


Walking in the Wilderness

Not only seeing wildlife… but walking in their world. Sensations are plentiful: the solid sound of your feet landing on the eternal African earth, the tickle of the savannah grass against your fingers, and the feeling of the rough grooves left in a tree by an elephant’s tusk. Led by your local guide, who knows what you’ll see? You may spot a mother giraffe and her calf loping along in unison, or zebras grazing in the morning sunshine. The silence is complete… it’s as if you are walking in a cathedral, its vault the blue firmament above, its altar the panorama of primeval beauty all around.


Bush Dining

The birds of the bush can be heard, punctuating the otherwise silent savannah with their songs. Your al-fresco feast is before you: eggs, toast with jam, mango and orange juice, bacon, fresh fruits and more. The options seem endless, and each bite is more sumptuous than the one before…it’s as if your wild surroundings draw out the deepest flavours… it can be hard to imagine a more perfect dining experience.


Tented Camp Experience

Impeccable. Perfectly appointed and ideally designed—just a few of the things we’ve heard from guests about their experience at tented camps with Shrike. Mahogany four-poster beds and dressing tables, spacious domed rooms of native woods and old stone. Colourful Swahili fabrics enveloping beds and soft easy chairs. Old chests and ethnic artefacts, leather chesterfield sofas, Victorian antiques mixed with hand-hewn furnishings. Adventurers like Hemingway, Roosevelt and Blixen would feel right at home.

Spectacular Sundowner

A perfect end to a remarkable day in an incomparable land. Picture it: you’ve completed your afternoon game run, and are taken to a breathtaking bluff overlooking the seemingly limitless plains. A spectacular scene awaits: a glowing campfire, tables, chairs and smiling, uniformed waiters at attention. Cocktails are served, with stunning views of the savanna as a breathtaking backdrop. Orange sparks from the campfire sail playfully skyward and disappear into the luminous hues of the slowly dusking sky. You sit in a comfortable chair—stretching out, sharing tales of the day with your fellow travelers. You survey the extraordinary panorama before you in the fading light of an impossibly wide sky. Does it get any better than this?

Adventure your way, the Shrike way.

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Discover the Shrike DNA

“We Care, Personally & Deeply” is more than just our slogan—it is the Shrike DNA and the way of our life that we always feel in our bones and blood, so it’s the way we will treat you and all of our guests.

To us, safari is more than just a business. It is a way of life. Tanzania is our home, we’re born here and we live here, exploring it is our passion… and delighting our guests is what truly drives us.

Changing Lives in Tanzania.

Your Adventure with Shrike = Makes a BIG Difference ​to Lives of Orphaned/ Destitute Children in Tanzania. We think the combination of helping vulnerable children and a trip to Tanzania is an unbeatable combination for our kind-hearted guests.

Robert & Nancy Chizek—Owner, Chizek Custom Builders LLC—Michigan, US

We appreciate your careful attention in planning our custom safari and making sure we had plenty of time to visit every stop on our list in Tanzania and the great Serengeti…

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Upcoming Safaris.

7-Day the Great Migration, BIG 5 Safari & More...
US $ 4193
Per Person
Experience the most incredible wildlife sightings on the plane—the Great Migration, BIG 5 and more…
4-Day Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater
US $ 2396
Per Person
Experience the world—class wildlife viewing in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.
3-Day Serengeti Safari
Extensive exploration of the legendary Serengeti National Park and all it has to offer
US $ 1797
Per Person