We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

We're here to help you 24/7. We Never Sleep. NEVER!

The Shrike Specialty Safaris


Curated selection of East African safaris...

The Shrike Specialty Safaris includes all the qualities found in the company’s acclaimed best African safaris but includes other intriguing elements for a different ...just as exclusive LIFE—CHANGING experience. For those of you who like to be on the cutting edge of the very finest in the world of travel—and you know who you are—these are your safaris.

Sought-after locations, instinctive attention to detail, and the utmost privacy underpin every stay. We will closely work with you to create exceptional experiences that meet your personal interest, preference, and energy levels, day—by—day, hour—by—hour.

But, perhaps the most memorable of all will be the people you meet during these Specialty Safaris from the accomplished Tanzanian major—domos of each accommodation to the skilled and enormously knowledgeable hosts. Mark the founder of SHRIKE and Walter the co-founder, and their team are fascinating lot with a great vision and passion for Africa. Getting to know these people on safari and doubtlessly considering them friends by the end of your journey—may even trump the wildlife experience that lured you to Africa in the first place. Each individual has a captivating story to tell and they are, to a person, endlessly interesting.

It’s important to you that all our specialty safaris are “all—inclusive” just relax and enjoy as we create moments of awe and beauty that take your breath away... we've included all the major expenses from airport transfers to accommodations to every last gratuity, even substantial ones to your safari guides, waiters… I did not mention that all meals are included from start to completion and such delightful meals they are! You’ll dine in top restaurants at the finest safari lodges/ tented camps and, most wonderfully, the outdoor dining under the African sky...

Below are quick summaries of our specialty safaris—a collection of ‘one off’ safari experiences unlike any other product on offer. Each safari has monthly departure dates, all guaranteed to operate. You may jump on a safari by using the links below.

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Founder's Safari Adventure

Let the living ‘Lion King' story continue for our children’s children... This safari is dedicated to supporting the KopeLion team, an initiative that fosters human—lion coexistence in Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Let's save the lions before it gets too late ...since the release of the original Lion King, about 25 years ago, the population of wild lions in Africa has decreased by 50% :( due to poaching, natural habitat loss, and conflict with humans.

8—Day | from $ 6990 per person

The Ultimate Beach and Safari Experience

The Ultimate Beach Holiday and Safari Experience

From the legendary Serengeti to the 8th Wonder of the World—Ngorongoro Crater, Zanzibar Island, and more...

An exciting blend of island delight and exhilarating safari. In 13 days, Get ‘Inside and Outside’ to really safari and Zanzibar Island beach experience in Tanzania.

10—Day | from $ 8980 per person

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The Great Migration Safari & More... 

Stay in a luxurious tented camp that moves around the Serengeti and Masai Mara year—round, following the herds and bringing you within easy reach of the Great Migration.

...spend 9 days with Chacha and Denis, our top-notch local safari guides, with their sharp eyes ...learn their tricks in spotting wild animals and capturing the best shots.

The Ultimate Beach and Safari Experience

Experience Teddy Roosevelt's Adventure​

This safari takes you back to 1909 when Teddy Roosevelt traveled to East Africa specifically in Masai Mara, Kenya, and the legendary Serengeti in Tanzania.

Today SHRIKE offers the same experience with an emphasis on the most authentic African adventure and a raw wilderness experience through ultimate game viewing, exclusive tented accommodation, and other planned adventures.

9—Day | from $ 8990 per person

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Celebrate New Year's Eve in the Serengeti

Woo—hoo! Happy new year! y’all..!

5—Day | from $ 5000 per person

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The Sky is Limitless Expedition

Don't restrict your expectations ...flying in an executive private jet, enjoy world-class accommodations at the secluded Four Seasons Serengeti Villa, and private Thanda Island for complete Indian Ocean exclusivity. This is one journey that will surely delight and surprise you at every turn. 

Pristine beach. Incredible wildlife. Enjoy the safari experience every step of the way as you travel through the Serengeti. At every stop, Thanda Island embraces natural beauty and authentic beach holidays.

14—Day | from $ 125 000 per person