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…a songbird with a sharply hooked bill within the 31-species family of Laniidae.

Mark Madola

I’m Mark Madola—A safarist, naturalist, and explorer at heart… if we are getting formal, I’m the Founder of SHRIKE.
However,  you’re on this page because you want to plan your safari and I’m delighted to help you plan it accordingly.
Not hear my life story…
Besides, if you are more interested in that and I’m exalted to share it with you, then…

How we can help you plan your adventure...

We know Tanzania. After all, Tanzania is our homeland and what we know and love best. We are born here and we live here to this day… we’ve focused exclusively on Tanzania safaris. The reason is simple: we had no interest in spreading ourselves thin over multiple destinations. Instead, we wanted to put down roots, fully experience one fascinating destination, and then pass our unrivaled knowledge on to our guests.
We might be biased, but we think that on your trip with Shrike, you’ll experience Tanzania (and its spectacular wildlife viewing, diverse cultural offerings, and stunning natural beauty) better than with anyone else.
We have explored many corners of this incredible land over many decades from Mount Kilimanjaro—the roof of Africa and the endless plains of the Serengeti to Zanzibar Island, Mafia and Pemba, Nyerere National Park—the largest in Africa, and other hidden places that no one has ever Instagrammed, we are still exploring..!

Meet your Local hosts

At Shrike, you are no longer just a tourist. Our guides provide personalized and unique attention and experiences during your safari. By the time you leave, you will feel as if you have a second home in Tanzania.

Mark Madola

Founder & Director of Growth

Walter Miya


Margreth Mapesa


Robert Henry


SHRIKE has grown up since our humble beginnings in 2007, but one thing has never changed the “personal touch”. Mark—the father of Shrike and who carries the Shrike DNA… always spends time both in the field and in every Shrike office, observing, training, and supervising—no detail is too small to escape his exacting eye—and he is always available to travelers… with Shrike you are always guaranteed with a one—of—a—kind experience that will change your life forever…

Walter Miya

Chief Executive Officer

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SHRIKE = /SHrik/